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  1. I have a Weiand 144 super charger on a SBC 350 I drove the car about 5 miles turned it off for about an hour, when I restarted the motor it was idling for about a minute when the engine made a labored kind of sound and died, when I tried to re-start the engine it would not turn over, I put the car in fourth gear and rocked it and it broke free, I tried starting it again but it turned over slow, I tried jumping it and it still turned slow, I had a thought and pulled the belt and tried to start it again it cranked normal and fired right up. I tried turning the drive pully by hand and it would not turn in either direction, So I drove it home no power with no super charger to say the least. the super charger only has less than 1000 miles on it I pulled the carb and could not see anything, I pulled the super charger and found a gouge about 3/8 of an inch wide and about a 1/16 of an inch deep on all three raised fin on one rotor right in line with the spreader bar built into the case there were some burrs sticking up that were contacting the case, the case also has a gouge I can feel but cant see until I take it apart, any ideas about what may have happened, I stuck a oiled rag in between both rotors and filed the burrs off and got it to spin with no more binding (from the raised burrs) but the gouges are still there is there anyway to repair it or will I just have to replace one rotor or do I have to replace them in sets?
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