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  1. My son is wanting to keep the body and interior as close to original as possible. That includes going back to the original lime green/yellow color. The funny thing, as I am working on the engine and other things he is sitting in it. He was just like a kid in a candy store. He had to try every switch nob and dial. He then reaches over and hits the radio button and it comes on with music playing! Now understand the car is 200 miles from it original resting place and the radio is tuned to a local station! What is even better, when we remove the rear interior panel the paper speaker cone is completely gone (turned into a mouse nest). The only thing left was the coil with the diaphragm atached.
  2. The thing not shown in the pictures is the nearly 8 pound of mouse nests and droppings we pulled out of the car. Glove box was packed (being replaced) and the spare tire well packed. Anyplace that would fit a mouse was full. We filled a medium garbage bag.
  3. I will have to have my son put up some pictures. The look on his face as he pulled back into the driveway after the first drive made all of the frustration we had a month earlier go away.
  4. My son and I finally got his 73 240 started after sitting for 30+ years! I drove this car to my High School prom in 1980. It belonged to my older brother. He gave it to my son this summer. My son let me drive it around the block today. I was smilling from ear to ear. There is still a lot of work to get it back to good shape but at least it is moving again under it's own power. I have a 71 240 that has a 280ZX turbo engine waiting for me to get the body restored. This helps get me motivated. Take Care Marty
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