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  1. never noticed before, but that picture of the OS head, in the pic the BOV's of choice are the SK turbo Blow offs I think. Unless any otheres look like that, its also kinda dark, but it appears that it May be triple carbed too????
  2. I don't really remember that part, I must have been looking around at some other Z's, but was it one of these really emo looking kids? They kept trying to explain Z's to me like I have no idea. Then they stare at the tattoo and finally relise that I might own a Z, then they all asked which is mine. Wish I brought mine that day.
  3. I've also been looking at getting a bike, nothing new. Gas mileage doesn't really have anything to do with it, I just like riding. I've been learning to ride on a 2002? kawasaki zzr600, and I LOVE the bike. I think the sound is great, I can sit upright and comfortably. I don't like to follow the bandwagon with Gixxers and all, and the ZZR is not really seen around too much as opposed to a GSXR, so I like it. Would you guys consider it a good first bike? My buddy is thinking of upgrading to a newer bike, and I'm trying to buy off of him. It has been dropped which is fine by me, as I'll pr
  4. you looking at doing the triple carb turbo setup?
  5. A girl I know is looking for a 250R, and the dealership told her good luck. There cheap, and excellent on gas. Its like 70mpg+, everywhere is sold out, and they have them on backorder already.
  6. It looks to be a nice piece, would work with mikuni's. Came so close to buying this, but couldn't justify the money as I already had my SK plenum, and the Z needed that money in other ways. I'd say do it. Azcarbum got me my SK plenum, he's a great guy to deal with, and the stuff he sells isn't exactly plentiful here. It sounds kinda ricey to say it like this, but his stuff is AUTHENTIC JDM...yo.
  7. As bad as that may sound, I completely agree. He went out with a bang doing what he loved. Life cut short, but I couldn't think of a better way to go myself. Yet again, godspeed.
  8. Azcarbum is selling this. Its not an actual HKS surge, its a knockoff, but it does have a pretty cool look to it.
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    From the album: For Sale

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    From the album: For Sale

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    From the album: For Sale

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    From the album: Turbo mockup

  13. sure is. It won't clear my current setup, I could make it work. But i've come to relize its too nice and do not wanna cut and reweld it to make it fit. I'm just piecing together another kit that will clear.
  14. just stepped away to watch a show and I see my inbox. Its yours.
  15. I have a full kit for sale if you wanna buy. I bought it off a member here, and the quality is TOP notch, I just can't use it with my current setup. PM me if your interested. It would be right around the price you would pay for an RS, but is definitly will outperform the RS.
  16. http://forums.hybridz.org/showthread.php?t=83003&highlight=disco+potato&page=2
  17. Its been posted before on here, search for it. I believe the concensus was that it wouldn't work too great on an L
  18. what about dizzy, which to use?
  19. Saw "you got served" one of the main guys drove a 2+2 to a drug dealers lair.
  20. I keep thinkin about this, and seems like it'd look pretty good and all, and am considering doing this. But the problem I'm running into is the fact that the internal baffling seems useless for a front mount intake, doesn't it?
  21. Hey Tony D, do you have an inlet pipe for the SK compo turbo plenum for sale? Or a FPR that'll work with this setup?
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