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  1. I have a 1972 240Z with a 400 gen I SBC, T-56 tranny, completely restored and ready to go. I live in Idaho and was considering selling it to fund my next project. I was wanting to get $23,500.00 1972 240Z Specs Body All body work done and painted. Show car quality. Custom sub frame connectors welded while body was bolted to a rack to prevent warping, new windshield, all new weather stripping, Rust Bullet and QuietCar coating inside doors, fenders, and interior, additional sound deadening/heat resistant material installed (similar to Dyno Mat) on floor and firewall, reinforced fire wall in brake/clutch area to prevent fire wall flex, front and rear bumpers have been re-chromed. ABS front air dam. Electrical “Yellow Top†Optima battery with custom aluminum battery tray and custom “bolt-in†battery support, Painless (mini fuse) wiring harness kit, 130A alternator, MSD wires, MSD ready to run distributor. Halogen head light upgrade. Flex-O-Lite Electric cooling fan installed, have a Lincoln Mark VIII cooling fan (not installed yet). Drive Train Engine: 400 SBC, completely rebuilt and balanced, 350 rods, rebuilt LT1 487 heads (76cc) modified with 2.02 intake and 1.94 exhaust, 362hp @ 5000/444lbft @3300, new water pump, new radiator, new electric cooling fan, new Edelbrock Performer intake, new Edelbrock 600cfm carburetor, custom cold air intake system, ceramic coated block hugger headers, custom 2.25†dual “mandrel bent†exhaust system with dual glass packs as resonators, X pipe, and Magnaflow 2.5â€dual inlet and single 3†outlet high flow muffler, Magnaflow SS 3.5†tip. Front and rear strut tower bars. Serpentine drive belt setup. Transmission: T-56 from a 1996 Camaro LT1, completely rebuilt with new bearings/races, seals, heavy duty 2nd gear fork, synchros, custom transmission mount with duel exhaust cut outs, new Pro 5.0 shifter and Mustang T-56 shift knob, Zoom clutch from Summit Racing, 1†Tilton clutch master cylinder and new clutch lines, LT-1 bell housing/hydraulic clutch setup conversion kit from Weir Hot Rod Products, custom built steel driveline with new u-joints. Differential: 3.5 ratio, R200 from a 280Z, rebuilt with new bearings/races, Brute Force LSD, replaced seals, 280Z mustache bar with new urethane bushings, custom differential mount with second cut out for dual exhaust pipes, new rubber mount and custom differential mount hold down for high torque engines, Swepco 201 gear oil. Have a 3.9 ring and pinion set for differential - not yet installed. Half Shafts: New remanufactured 300 ZXT axels, with Modern Motor Sport companion flange adapter, new wheel bearings/races/seals, Brakes 280ZX 15/16†master cylinder, all new “Cunifer†brake lines from Fedhill USA, Toyota 4X4 upgrade on front disc brakes, 240SX rear disc upgrade with Modern Motor Sports brackets, slotted and drilled rotors (front and rear), rebuilt calipers, new pads, speed bleeders. Fuel System Fuel tank cleaned and painted with POR-15, new fuel sending unit, all new ProFlex SS braided fuel line by Russell with Endura fittings, electric fuel pump at tank, fuel regulator on firewall, fuel filter next to pump for easy access. Suspension Strut tubes shortened 1.5â€, Tokico Illumina struts, coil over spring kit from Modern Motor Sports, 222lb in the rear, 175lb in the front, custom machined spring seats, front and rear sway bars with new bushings, car lowered about 2â€. Interior 2004 Dodge Neon SRT4 seats, reupholstered in black and tan vinyl. New dash cover, new Auto Meter Phantom speedometer and tachometer gauges, new custom faces for other gauges, custom glove box, new steering wheel, new Vintage Air A/C and Heater system, Garman GPS, new headliner, complete tan carpet kit, door panels have been reupholstered. Wheels and Tires 16†X 7†zero offset Centerline Ventura wheels with custom center cap, Kumho ECSTA SP high performance summer tires size 225/50/16.
  2. Looking for a good map light trim piece; at a fair price; for a 1972 240Z. This is the light in the middle of the dash above the heater vent. I have the light, but need the black plastic trim piece that fits over the top of it. I will need it shipped to 83402. Please send a photo so I can see the condition and make sure it is the correct item. I would be willing to trade other interior parts if interested. Thanks.
  3. Does anyone have an axle shaft from a 84-88 300ZX Turbo they would like to sell? I am looking for just the shaft itself and it needs to be the shorter one. If I remember correctly that should be the right shaft? Regardless of which side it's from, I need the one that is 15.25" long, not the shaft that is 15.8" Thanks
  4. Thanks for the clarification Nigel. It is starting to make sense, I think? What's confusing is the diagrams in the FSM I have for the 1972 model shows a very short push rod on the master-vac/booster and a deep throated MC? One of the diagrams has to be wrong. It makes sense that the earlier models had a very shallow throated MC. I just downloaded the brake section from a 73 FSM and the master-vac diagrams shows the push rod is longer, but the push rod adjustment instructions are the same as the 72 FSM, which can't be done with the longer push rod??? I also looked at the 81 280ZX FSM and the push rod length spec is 9.5mm to 10.5mm. My rebuilt 280ZX MC has a 9.8mm throat? The MC part numbers I mentioned were from Victory British and Black Dragon. They show the 72-78 model years as using the same MC. I guess I will just adjust it so I have about 0.5mm to 1.0mm gap and see how it works? I really want to adjust it once and be done. I think the main thing is to adjust the push rod length such that you have some sort of gap between the push rod and piston so that the MC piston can fully retract, but not too big of gap to give you a soft pedal.
  5. I too am in the middle of a 280ZX (15/16") MC upgrade on my 72 240Z. I too have questions about the push rod adjustment specs that I could not find a definitive answer on. I was trying to figure out what the GAP measurement would be between the end of the push rod and the MC piston. I looked at both the Technical Service Manual (TSM) I have for my 1972 240Z and the one for a 280Z and the adjustment measurements are different? I find this puzzling, since the MC part number for both the 240Z and the 280Z are the same. Why would the gap between the end of the push rod and the MC piston be different? The 240Z manual says to adjust the push rod so that the DEPTH from the flange surface to the push rod end is 3.5 to 4.0 mm. The 280Z manual says to adjust the push rod so it is sticking out ABOVE the flange 9.75 to 10mm. When I looked at my 240Z booster and MC after removing them from the car, the push rod was adjusted so the end of the push rod was ABOVE the flange surface about 10mm, which is within spec if you follow the 280Z service manual. This gave me push rod to piston gap of about 0.5mm. If I follow the service manual for the 240Z, the gap should be 13mm to 14mm which I could not achieve with the push rod I have as it is way too long? The depth from the flange mounting surface to the piston on my new 280ZX MC is 9.8mm vs the 240Z MC which is 10.5mm. If I knew what the GAP measurement (measurement C on the attached sketch) should be, I can simply adjust the push rod length to work with the 280ZX MC.
  6. No. I was able to locate a pair. Thanks.
  7. Thanks for the info. Were the shafts you measured from a 280ZXT or 300ZXT. You mentioned in your post you thought the shafts came from a 1986 model. If so, they would be Z31 shafts (i.e. 300 ZXT). Thanks.
  8. I am looking for a CHEAP rear axle shaft out of a 82-83 280ZXT. I do not care if the CV joints are good or not, in fact, I would prefer they were not even attached to the shaft as I am interested in the shaft only. I may even be interested in an axle out of a non turbo 280ZX years 80-83. Thanks.
  9. I talked to a guy from CVJ Axles in Denver today and his book says that the center shafts (without the CV joints) were the same on all S130s (1979-83 280ZX), had 27 splines, were the same on both sides (unlike the Z31 shafts that were 15.25" long on the right side and 15.8125" on the left), and were around 14.25" long. If the S130 shafts were shorter than the Z31 shafts and had the same 27 spline count, the same diameter (i.e just as strong), had the retaining clip grooves machined in the correct position - then these shorter shafts could be used with the Z31 CV ends to create a hybrid half shaft with the overall axle length being reduced by as much as 1 inch. I'm thinking this might be a good solution for those of us using the R200/Z31 half shaft/MM adapter/280Z companion flange upgrade. For those that might have binding issues, an extra inch of travel in the CV axle should eliminate this. Has anyone looked at creating a hybrid axle using a S130 shaft with Z31 CVs? Does anyone have a bare shaft from an S130 available they can measure to see if this might work? I have bare Z31 shafts that we can compare them to. Thanks.
  10. Does anyone have an axle shaft from a 82-83 280ZXT they could measure for me? I am interested in the measurements of the axle shaft itself, just the center bar without the CV joints installed. I am looking for spline count on both ends, spline length and dia and overall shaft length. A photo would be great. Thanks.
  11. Called the local transmission shop today and had them look up the differential seal for a 280Z R200. I then asked them for the specifications and was told the bore was 55 mm and shaft was 35 mm. This matches my differential, good news. The seal was a National 223542. I could not find a National seal, but I was able to cross reference it to a Timken, same part number. Ordered two from RockAuto at $3.67 each. Happy Day
  12. I am still in need of a part number for a side seal on an R200 differential. I purchased yet another seal from a differant manufacturer and it is the same size as the other two I have. The last seal I purchased was an NRZ 38342-2100 (W0133-1641698) and is roughly 52 mm in diameter. The seal I need is around 55 mm in diameter. The differential is a 280Z R200. Can anyone help? I would like to install the differential, but I need a seal. Thanks.
  13. IdahoZ

    Boot Clips

    I was able to locate everything I need for my console. Thanks.
  14. IdahoZ

    Boot Clips

    I have a 1972 240Z and I am looking for the following items. Shifter boot retaining clips, choke light switch, the chrome trim around the back part of the center console - if someone has a bad console but good trim. Thanks.
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