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Anyone tried external peak and hold drivers?

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PLEASE do not get the Always Electrical Malfunction. I've had two of these and they both failed within a short period of time. I fought for a refund instead of a second replacement because I didn't want that POS on my car.


FJO makes a good product, and if your soldering skills are good, the version 2.0 peak and hold injector divers from jb performance jbperf injector driver have worked well for me.

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Sweet.......exactly the type of information I need.


I'm going to experiment with this on a 2002 nissan frontier supercharged ecu but I figured the MS guys are on the sharp end of external peak and hold drivers.


One thing I want to do is check any tuning differences between running dropping resistors and external peak and hold drivers on the same car under the same conditions.

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