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WOLF V500 and Windows 7

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Hi all,

new to the forum.

I have a R33 GTST Skyline with an RB25DET engine.

The vehicle is fitted with a V500 Wolf ECU with a WOLF R32/R33 GTST adaptor harnes and a adaptor module?.

I downloaded the latest of the v500 software from the Wolf site lastnight.

My laptop uses Windows 7 32 bit software.

The Wolf software wouldnt load onto my laptop until i installed NET.FRAMEWORK 1.1xxxx.

I have the software installed, i am using an ATEN Serial to USB adaptor on my laptop as it doesnt have a serial port.

I have set the usb port on my laptop to comm 1.

When i connect the ECU to my laptop with the Aten adaptor and turn the ignition on i get an error.

The error repeats itself over and over, referring to the loss of power during connection.

I have narrowed the issue down to the USB adaptor as a friend connected to this ecu today with his Windows 7 laptop, but using a serial port.

He also tried with an Aten adaptor and got the same error as me.

Does anybody know of a Serial to USB adaptor that will work for me or a driver download or something i can use to rectify my problem.

Thanks in advance.

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