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Straman convertible numbers way off

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Some of you know that as well as the '73 240 hybrid, I own an '84 Straman convertible . I bought it about five years ago from John Washington.


There is some question of just how many of these were produced. The number that comes up most often, and seems the best documented is 352.


Well there is now a gentleman, Robert Whitman, that has taken seriously the job of registering and properly documenting these rare bird cars. According to his research the actual number is much, much lower.


Here is an excerpt from his email to me:


"The 352 number is a pain in my backside! That number comes from an article in Automobile magazine and a manager from Straman told me that Richard Straman liked to pad the build counts for those articles. I have about 50 Z31s in my database and about 20 of those I have the serial number from the roof frame. If the car also has the date of conversion sticker, I can create a timeline of production. That is how I have landed on the +/- 150 build count. I have been doing this for all the Straman convertibles and it is working as expected."


So maybe these chop-tops could really be worth something someday.


If you own one and have not registered it yet with Mr. Whitman shoot me a PM or email and I'll get you his contact information. He also can provide you with sales brochures and other hsitorical documentation on your car.



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