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need Advice


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Hi everybody! My name is Konstantin. Already several years I`m madly in love 240 Z, 260 Z, 280 Z, 280 ZX 1970-1983 years.

It`s one of the most beautiful car in the world. As you know, Russia was a closed country and a long time in country were represented brand of cars made in this country and the countries of the Eastern block.

And so now impossibly find my dream the most beatiful car Datsun Z 1970-1983 year in Russia. But the brain of human working so that its has no barriers.

And so armed with a dictionary I started looking someone in the world who wasn`t able to get a moments peace the series Z like me.

After long searching finally I found your site which I hope will also become mine.

In life I make so that restores old and broken cars but in Russia for such work pay very little money.

And so to buy Z in good condition in the USA I`m not able to afford thickness of my purse.

Turning to the ussues that interested me and that I hope you will give me answers.

How do you think it possible to find 240 Z, 260 Z, 280 Z, 280 ZX, 1970-1983 year for not much money about 500 $ in the USA and that it`s car had been in working order?

Not scare me if Z will be rusty,having ragged with paint,with holes in the floor of car. Main thing is this car will be in working condition.

Is it possible a man who would sell a car will send its go by sea to me in Russia? I have no possibility come yourself in USA.

And how much will all this cost in the place of sending?

Do you think it really all that ?

My wife does not know much english and helped to write you so I hope you read that right.

If anyone is interested my work, see photos.

post-30573-083199700 1345659631_thumb.jpg

post-30573-033342700 1345659649_thumb.jpg

post-30573-005263200 1345659667_thumb.jpg

post-30573-033206200 1345659682_thumb.jpg

post-30573-026750900 1345659707_thumb.jpg

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I would advise getting one from Japan rather than the US... there are companies shipping japan auction cars to russia already, in qute large numbers.


New Zealand Used Import cars hd a price hike some yearsback, NZ imports a lot of 5 to 7 year old cars from Japan, and when Russian buyer entered the market there, they pushed up prices NZ importers a to pa toget the same cars.


One of the existing agents should be able to locate, purchase andship or you, and have a russian language contact.

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