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GTO kits

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Old post so just an FYI but it looks like a company called Carrera CoachWerks in El Cajon, CA 92020 purchased Thunder Ranch back in July of 2012.  http://www.carreracoachwerks.com/  I don't know anything about them even though they use a lot of pictures of my car on their web site.  http://www.carreracoachwerks.com/250-gto/   

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Thunder Ranch was indeed sold to Carerra.


Carerra was forced (apparently by Porsche) to change names to http://www.customcoachwerks.com. However, I understand that they've recently gone through some sort of split. The main shop guy (Ben Stoddard, VERY talented) went to Utah, but is still associated with company principals. I have emailed Ben a couple of times to check their progress, but have yet to hear back from him.


Just by coincidence, I happened to acquire recently a set of tooling to build the Alpha One GTO replica. And of course, the Velo Rossa can be built as a coupe, with a couple of different configurations of rear hatch/spoiler.


Hey, SpeedRacer...is that Dick Goodman? What have you been up to?



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Hey John,


Really, really good to hear from you and, yup - it is me all right.  Glad to see that you are still in and growing the business.  I am also very glad that you have the tooling for the Alpha One GTO kit as I was afraid the kit was going to disappear.  With that in mind you might want to check out the FAQs/Body Kits & Paint section here under the 250 GTO Owners thread as there was a guy looking to buy a kit and we suggested he contact you.  http://forums.hybridz.org/topic/50042-250-gto-owners-thread/ 


The car has been running good so I have just been taking it to a few shows and cruise nights. Peter from Australia (Boy from OZ) was here last year and drove it.  BTW, if you ever run across an incomplete 250 California Spyder kit please let me know.


Take care and stay in touch. 

Edited by SpeedRacer

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