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Hey guys so I kinda turned my poorly placed hello into a Build thread. Now I am moving it over here and it's barely been a full month that I have had the car and I am on a super college budget until I get a job. So it isn't going to be one of those I just dumped 12 grand and the car at a shop builds. But I do promise to keep the post coming for you guys (and If we are so blessed girls).


My plans for this is to make something super low in the Shakotan style, but that will be able to drift. I am hoping to have it done with in the next two years so I can hit my 50 state road trip in it. (idk how I am getting to Hawaii) I also have aspirations for a VQ35 Swap and just so happen to have a crashed G35 to donate parts from.


Here is a copy from my original post so you guys don't have to go double back for pics.



VQ Loaner


Before that it was pretty nice though


Also i have swapped to the H4 bulbs 



I have also removed the ugly Bosch lights and the rear window louvers


The electric fan kit Radiator over flow and new cap are all in and I am in the middle of a tear down and gasket swap also lets me check the health of my pistons and cylinders. 


Hopefully all is well and I can put her all back together in the next few weeks. Until then I am scrubbing


and Scrubing



Well I hope you guys enjoy and I will keep posting as I go.

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Apparently Not as popular of a post as my howdy but I figured I would give a small update 

I have just been scrubbing and painting a few little things as I go. Not really in a huge rush as I am trying to put my bike together maybe sell her and also starting work and school again.

Anyway Pictures are all we are here for so I'll shut it











Thanks for stopping by sorry I haven't done a ton i'll try and work on it for you guys

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I want a g35 now. Sad story but the vq will be happier in the Z. I haven't driven my car for more than ten minutes in the past two years and am now living in a different town than it. And it has coilovers, turbo, lsd, and so many other bits I installed at the end of high school when I had expendable income, none of which have even been broken in. I feel your financial pain as a recent graduate with no money. Just give us a few years though, those of us poor young hybridz-ers are lucky to own these cars and our builds will someday dominate the Internet. The world loves s30s more everyday it seems. Well that's my post for the year, good luck on the build and keep the updates flowing, however minor they my be.

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Hey man Sorry it took so long to get back to you. Thanks for the support.

Here is a variable update of life for AJY

I had a GSXR I have been slowly turning into a decent Streetfighter. 

Alas no more

from this


to this




Serious frame damage


, but I keep racing



Anyway That being said I have made headway with the insurance company on the G I believe I have closed the loop holes they are using to avoid payment.

Down side I'll need to buy a VQ for the project.

Upside I'll make 5-8 grand back for value of the G and not owe on it anymore.


Now on to what you all really care about The Z


I finally got time and money and bought the stuff to remover the Harmonic balancer

And pull out my failed wood chucks 

(before you look I know it was stupid and I was desperate)



Then I found tons of crud on my pistons and scraped that off as I am can't afford a full rebuild until this summer.





Anyway those are all the pictures for now I'll be putting it all back together tomorrow. 


Anyone have advice on where and what kind of head bolts to get I would like to just go ahead and replace all the engine bolts before the summer and have everything machined maybe new bottom end. 


Also seriously debating a new fuel delivery system, I wouldn't mind advice on triple webbers (which look sweet) over a holly 4 barrel (which someone told me was an retro classic mod)

I am selling another bike of mine and will be funneling all extraneous funds into the Z soon so for the first time I can actually say money (with in reason) shouldn't be a limitation.


I don't think that the VQ swap will be any time soon as I would rather finish the suspension, body and interior first. So I am just looking to make her extra reliable for now. 

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So we are tracking for all new parts and a magnaflow muffler from Pat1

16-7140        Thermostat Housing Top, 70-2/73 240Z          1        $12.57        $12.57
16-7202        Radiator Hose, Lower, 70-73 240Z              1        $22.63        $22.63
16-7201        Radiator Hose, Upper, 70-78 240Z-260Z-280Z      1        $18.87        $18.87
08120870      Thermostat Housing Bolt, Long, 70-83          1        $1.70        $1.70
08110830      Thermostat Housing Bolt, Short, 70-83          3        $0.82        $2.46
10-2621        Thermostat Cover Gasket, 70-78 240Z-260Z-280Z      1        $1.32        $1.32
16-7101        Thermostat, 160 Degree, 70-83 Z/ZX            1        $7.95        $7.95
16-7121        Thermostat Housing, 70-72 240Z                1        $31.57        $31.57

60-9921        Cam Chain Tensioner                            1        $11.95        $11.95
10-2171        Crankshaft Pulley Bolt Washer, 70-79 Z/ZX      1        $4.92        $4.92
10-1340        Turbo Head Bolt Kit, 70-83 Z/ZX                1        $89.95        $89.95
15-8080        Manifold Nut & Stud Kit, 70-74* 240Z-260Z      1        $16.95        $16.95
14-1256        Water Pump Bolt Kit, 70-83 Z/ZX                1        $4.86        $4.86
14-1254        Oil Pump Bolt & Gasket Kit, 70-83 240Z, 260Z, 280Z, 280ZX      1        $4.95        $4.95
12-4020        PerTronix Ignition Kit, 70-73 240Z            1      $119.95      $119.95

Any suggestions? I also have to put in the electric fans and will probably get a carb rebuild kit after all this goes on.


Any advice on brake setups?

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Brakes depend on budget and desired stopping power. You can upgrade the fronts to Toyota 4runner (not sure of exact years) calipers, which are 4 piston over then original 2 piston that came on the car and are a bolt on upgrade. Silvermine motors offers a few staged kits for front and back. Modern motorsports also has some brake parts. Arizona Z Car has a sick wilwood kit, though its a bit pricey. There are a few options out there. Surely more than the ones I listed.

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