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Points to ZX Distributor Conversion Plate


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I'm looking to gauge the interest in a custom plate to mount the later ZX distributor to the older [points] style base.


I recently converted my distributor, but didn't have the luxury of acquiring the mount from the ZX donor; The mount being the aluminum collar that actually bolts to the front cover.  Neither adjuster plate would work; the points plate did't fit the ZX distributor and the ZX plate didn't fit the points base.


I ended up making up my own hybrid adjuster plate from some ~2mm plate I happened to have laying around.  If there's any interest - I can't be the first one this has happened to - I can make a CAD file of the part available (I haven't developed yet because I've only made the one by hand).  That way any CNC shop can cut/burn one out on the cheap, or print out a pattern to cut by hand.


If there's interest, I'll take mine apart and draw it up.

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