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I have the crank.   280 zx donor with P79 five speed. in a drift car so hope to build and test on that before it goes in a car for the street. 

yes I have two turbo engines.  I have also an az intake and wondered if i put a 4 bbl efi unit on that is the ecu thing easier to sort out or easier to leave inj and increase the size to what?

cam?   colt street strip or shadbolt 455?   no experience just looking online.   I am not a mechanic.   hobby    and for fun.  will not race (I think)  track fun ok.  Was thinking of 230 to 240 rwhp. 


What is the simple idea for the best results?    

I like the idea of getting power by taking away weight but might be expensive.  The youtube of purposebuilt in australia says he lightened the crank 3 kgs.  $1200   but then did not use forged to save another 1.5 kgs?   will shadbolt do the whole head for a customer?   

thanks Mark 250 337 2230 


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