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READ BEFORE POSTING - Posting Rules For The Vendor Board

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HybridZ provides space for Z-car vendors to showcase their parts and services without requiring any qualifications. A vendor might be a full time business devoted to making Z parts, or a guy in his garage producing a one off piece of fiberglass work. The fact that a vendor is posting on the forum means nothing in terms of their responsibility as a businessperson, the quality of their products, etc.


HybridZ is not affiliated in any way with supporting those businesses other than allowing them to post their parts and services. Those vendors must abide by the same rules and guidelines as the rest of the membership, which includes post content, behavior, and administrative discipline.


If you have a bad transaction with a vendor, please follow the rules established for our site when posting. Posting regarding a positive or negative experience that you have had with a vendor has always been acceptable, but Hybrid Z will not allow flame wars between vendors and customers. Posts regarding experiences with vendors do have value to our membership and can also be useful for vendors. This is not overly complicated, and if the current rules are followed there should be no problems.


If you have a bad transaction, or can't get a hold of a vendor for any reason, and you feel the need to vent to the board your frustrations, then PLEASE read the rules prior to posting your feelings and keep it as professional and mature as possible. No temper tantrums.


Rules for Vendors.


1. You must be selling products specific to the Datsun/Nissan Z market and preferrably focused on modifying the Datsun/Nissan Z.


2. You must bring tech to all discussions outside of the Vendors section. No topics or replies that just advertise your product (with exception of one topic/post announcing the availability of a new product or service). Replies or topics must contribute to the discussion in a positive manner.


3. You must not directly criticize another vendor's products or services. Tech brought to discussions about the benefits/drawbacks of various approaches to increasing the performance of HybridZs is fine, but saying your products are better then Joe's or Joe's products suck is not acceptable.


4. You must not hijack another vendor's thread to advertise product. When in doubt, don't contribute to a specific discussion about a competitor's products.


5. You can include link's in your HybridZ sig to your web site, your products, third party product reviews, etc. as long as they comply with HybridZ's sig rules.


6. Screw one of the HybridZ members and you're toast. But, we do realize there are two sides to every story so we want to hear what happened before putting you in the toaster.


7. When in doubt, use a low key, tech/education approach when posting on this board. Respect and credibility come with time and results, not with hyperbole and marketing speak.


8. New rule regarding Group Buys:


A Group Buy is a purchase of an EXISTING product by a number of people with the intent of reducing the per unit price by combining their purchasing power.


We support those kinds of transactions and the Rota wheel buy is one example of it going well, even though there were a few bumps along the way.


What is no longer allowed on HybridZ is Externally Funded Product Development.


This is where a number of people pool their money and fund the development and production of a NON-EXISTENT or HIGHLY MODIFIED item by a third person with the intent of receiving those items after the development and production cycle is completed.


Any threads that solicit funds for Externally Funded Product Development will be deleted immediately and the original poster warned.


As usual, these rules are subject to change without notice. Thank you for your understanding!



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