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Valve distance on L series heads


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The distance from the center of the intake valve to the center of exhaust valve on L series cylinder heads...did it change throughout the years or did it stay the same? I know the earlier heads have smaller valves, but is the valve center distance shorter compared to that on later heads with larger valves?

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I compared the cam lobe width to the rocker pad width on my P90 head which is the only L series head I have. The cam lobe is wider than the rocker pad. That means even IF the valve location is different between the heads, you can still swap cams given the safety margin built within the wider cam lobes. So cam interchange capability doesn't 100% prove it for me....althought you could be right. Any taker on this?

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Using my 12” Mitutoyo calipers, did a quick outside to outside of guide measurement on a P-90, P-79, Z/N-47 and a N-42. All measured the exact same valve spacing. Keep in mind those are all L-28 heads and share the same diameter valve heads. I think I have an old E-31, an E-88 and access to an MN-47. Give me a few days on those…

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