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Lethal Injection 6.0 stroker lol 240sx VID

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Here's the LS2 we just put in Charles' 95 s14, we put a cam and springs in it before the install

gotta love the sound of that bish


should be 400hp+ 400tq and get 28-40 miles per gallon


6.0 240sx stroker kit ftmfw!


Hammilton who shot the vid hadn't heard it start yet so he didn't know how beastly it was gonna sound. hence his little girly whimper at the end hahahahha


Dave goodjob.gif @ Lethal Injection Motorsports


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thanks :D


after doing this swap for him, i wanna put an LSX into my 71 240z.....with BOOST ^_^


i had a bet with one of my domestic buddy's. he kept talking ♥♥♥♥ about "get the speartech harness" i'm like


wiring is my ♥♥♥♥, i can do it....


and i did, obd2 works and everything, i wired up the ac too, he just needs to get the lines fabbed. the clip doesn't do it justice for how it really sounds in person. you can feel it lobing in your chest lol it's so loud >_<



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my sole intent for the day was to get the LS2 s14 running......which happened at about 9am this morning....so the rest of the day i took it easy and had some fun with the camera. too bad it can only record a minute at a time


had a surprise visit from Jeremy Blackwell @ Speed for Sale

part 1


that's Garry Grimes (Machine Shop) tellin stories in the background. R35 GTR...then to the LS2 S14, then a quick walk by derek's rb25'd 180sx drift car, then over to the 1 off GTK550 Turbo Scion TC, a quick glance at drew's t78 400hp FD rx7, then over to drew's 3 rotor 20b /w gt42r motor with the Eunos Cosmo (3 rotor) front clip in the back ground


part 2


picked up where i left off.....a comparison between my pack of cigerettes and a gt42r lol.....turbo wins...another eye candy shot of drew's FD, then Laura's Galant VR4, a 4AGE Hachi, R32 GTR, custom widebody suburu (white car), 800hp 3.2 stroker mk4 supra, magbee's 2.4L sr20 stroker with the sexy SSR rims, Dom's S15 6 speed sr with the full race gt30 kit. i was trying to show the inside of the exhaust manifold of how nice the collector was.


part 3


back to the Beastly LS2 s14, another walk around "GODZIRRA" , off to the showroom for a quickie with my new and improved rb25'd 280z (got a built bottom end now :P ) , then to our s14 silvia, then our r32 gtr (we're talking about doing an 8 liter WORLD LSX...... 2,000 AWHP is the intent behind that one, and then a quick glance at the JDM 12A carbeurated turbo rotary motorset.


sorry the vids were so dark, that camera's not that great and i make a better mechanic than a videographer lol.


thx for checking out our shop via the online virtual tour cheers.gif


Dave shiftyninja.gif@ Lethal Injection Motorsports

205A Tidwell Drive

Alpharetta, GA 30004


770-343-9969 shop

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