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I am about to start making ITB manifolds for various cars, and was wondering what people have input wise to take into consideration. It will be mostly for hondas, but people on this forum tend to have a bit more knowledge overall vs. certain honda forums where you search for days to find some info that could be right.


There are various kits out there for ITBs, although they are way expensive and there is a decent market for them. Alot of people like to use motorcycle ITBs, but its all about fabbing it up yourself. I wanna design an intake the can use motorcycle ITBs for a bolt on setup.


I wanna get some input from the members here based on performance and appeal, and what you think would be the most beneficial when it comes to the following:


Runner length?


Size of ITB vs. Intake port size?

Placement of Injector?

Anything else?


With placement of injectors I've seen people use the factory bike injectors, and I've seen them use factory car injectors in the stock location. I can put the injectors anywhere I want really, just wondering what everyone thinks.


We have a small machine shop at our disposal so we can make the prototypes in house and have a means of mass producing it if there is enough of a market.

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Check out my write up about my ITB's



For an online calculator check out the Velocity of Sounds website



Injector placement is totally up to you.. you can do stand off injectors... injectors right at the head or mid stream.. I decided to stick with injectors at the head for a somewhat retro stock look lol. Plus I wanted to use the same injectors and fuel rail without too much modification.

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