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stuck on the wiring, help


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Well, I finally have the motor and (5sp)tranny out. Now I am stuck on the wiring. I have the computer and harness completely out and I am now trying to figure out the harness on the passenger side of the car. Which wires do I need and which ones can I junk. The motor i am using is a 1980 302 and I have the "brain box" that came with it. I am also wanting to be able to use the factory ac, so I have left all of that in place. I have a wiring diagram for my '77 z. I need help big time, mainly cause I am starting to freak out! I am using the ford altenator. I have the JTR book, but most of the wire colors dont really match up.

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I live in Montana, near billings. I have a wiring diagram, but like on the voltage regulator I have two blue wires. Which one do I use to connect to the altenator per JTR manual. Plus, can I permantly remove the two fusible links on the pansenger side of the car. Plus, how do I hook up the brain box? How did you hook yours up erehemantresni? All I want to do is clean up the engine bay except for the wires I need and the ac.

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