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getting to know Hoov.

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Well here's and intro to what got me into cars.


I guess if i had to pin point a date, it would have started when i was abut 4-5 years old, my uncle had been into z cars ever since they came out and he had this black 280z that I took a ride in and loved it every minute of riding in that car. He rolled it and scrapped it about a year after that and never touched a z car since. all during my child hood, some way or another I was fiddling with some sort of motor or electronics, or taking something apart and (sometimes) putting it back together. I remember my uncle Chris, used to bring parts home from work, when my Aunt was watching me and let me take them apart.


early in my teens I got involved with R/C cars and electronics, about when i was 14-15 I bought my first z car, a 81 280zx, that needed alot of love, a few months later I bought my first s30, a 72 240z roller that was in line for the crusher, with the intentions of dropping the motor from my s130 into the s30, I came to the conclusion that it was too much project for me and sold it. All while i drove my faithful little 95 z32 around, until it met its fate with the front end of a ford.



Fast forward about 5 years and a ton of z cars and I'm stuck with my dead 92 z32 and my 73 s30, both of which are bipolar at the moment, because they can't decide which motor they want...

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