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  1. Well, motor is running, car is driving. I dont know what shape the fuel system is in so its running out of a gas can. Found out it has a 71A 5 speed and the car is more or less untouched. Gotta bleed the brakes some more then it can drive across town to the shop!
  2. You alive old man? :D

  3. Yeah, been without a Z for about 4 years now, Picking this 71 up tomorrow for $500.....
  4. Personally, I would take a VG over just about any toyota engine (aside from the diesels) Now as far as saying which is better, well that's just a matter of money. As far as the plenums being a restriction, yes they are huge issue that is VERY overlooked on the VG's thankfully custom plenums are a bit easier to fab up then a set of custom heads and would probably net a good amount of extra power as well as increase intake velocity compared to any stock lower plenum. But we are not here to get into a urinating competition about something as frivolous as who has the better motor, we are here to compare an 87 supra to a z31. (although I really think choosing the 84 to compare is a bad choice) I would say with some minor mods the z would actually hold itself together pretty good, but there is no comparing a modified car against a stock one..
  5. hoov100

    z31 swap

    The cost of the motor or swap itself was not a factor in the debate. I still stand by my statement that the SR dollar for dollar is easier to get 300WHP out of then the vg30et. (doing it correctly) I love the VG, but dollar for dollar the SR with it's vast aftermarket support will win a dollar-WHP contest to a point. (up to about 300WHP, then the SR will start running into problems with a stock longblock)
  6. We got the motor where we actually want it the other day, but to our demise we have to cut the factory body brace so we will be rebuilding it and will get her in there. I have to still rewire the car and do a couple little odds and ends. Pics when I remember to post them!
  7. Search, also be sure to have budget bigger then you think it will take to build the motor. Also read through the head cooling stickies.
  8. Please tell me you didn't put ATF in that trans.
  9. Until your wood supply runs out and you have to tunnel through the snow to get to the wood. I love wood burning stoves, until you run out of wood and it's colder then hell outside.
  10. If I had snow like that and I knew it would stay like that for a while, I would seriously hollow some of it out and use it as a refrigerator/freezer and unplug the fridge to make up for the power to run the heater.
  11. wow it was cold today, high is just below 60!! I actually had to wear a long sleeve shirt today!
  13. 65* and sunny with a light breeze here in palm springs! I miss snow, rain and a thing called seasons. All it does is get cold for a few months and maybe an inch or two or rain and it's right back into 120* dry heat.
  14. lol, set that motor back just a wee bit to far....(it's coming forward about 8 inches though)
  15. With how cheap ls1 donors are getting, I would say $4-6k for a complete lower mileage ls1/t56 combo.
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