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Updates to the projects...

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We're in final preparation for this coming season for track events, and I'd previously mentioned to the wife that I really expected to use the trailer a lot more this year. The "wants" list for the trailer is fairly large, since the trailer, although having finished ceiling and walls, is pretty basic. I've got a work bench with a grinder and vice, along with a wire wheel, but no power. I need to have a small subpanel installed, better lighting for the interior, an AC system for the roof, a source for heat, and portable power...


She's a good listener, that wife of mine... Along with some nomex and some upgraded suspension alignment tools, she bought be a very small, very quiet 2000watt generator for the car trailer. For $179 shipped, the thing is amazing. So now I need to talk with a guy I know who does a lot of work on car trailers and see what he'll charge for installing a small sub-panel, and outlets inside the trailer, along with some flouresent lighting. I've already sourced and will instal the AC unit later this spring.


On the car front, we've entered final discussions with the cage builder for the Spec Miata. Piper Motorsports did the cage in the Zcar for me in 2005 and that ran me $2400. I expected a race certified spec legal cage to run me well over $3000... But because I'm a repeat customer, they're charging me $2500. Can't pass it up.


The Zcar, which is the point of having a blog (so I'm told) on a Zcar site, is getting some new bracing welded in today. I'll weld in the final impact supports for the sides, and also finish up the DZEUS fasteners for the MSA type3 airdam/bumper. I wanted to be able to pull it off quickly and easily to load the car into the trailer... And that's what we're going to be able to do... I'll have a total of 6 fasteners holding the bumper cover on. PIcs will follow in the project thread. I'll also add a few braces here and there for other stuff, and some tabs for bolting the bottom of the airbox on to the radiator mount, along with the bolt tabs for the front tow hook. We're going to get rid of the Moroso switch box and use some of that KYDEX I ordered (I have a bunch of this stuff we're going to form for fender liners and other panels...) to make a console panel to house a flat switch plate. We're also going to bolt on an eyelet for the right side net to hook to off the mounts for the dash tube from the cage. I've also got a bit of welding to do on the driver's seat mount that will take about an hour... Once this list of items is done, I need to get a windshield mounted, and I need to DRIVE the car to debug it. That's pretty much it.



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