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  1. Been a while since I have posted on HZ. I ran into Jon (JHM) at Dominion yesterday. I've been coaching and instructing with a number of groups, and I've got approximately 6 regular clients I coach, and a handful who pay me periodically to review their data and footage. Some of the tools and systems I use: Harry's Lap timer (still a good and cheap product that incorporates your phone's camera) - Limited data based on your accelerometer and GPS. Down side is no sensor driven data. Traqmate - Still a great option, if you can find a working traqdash, even better - Down side is they're out of business and have been for a long time. AIM - The best and most comprehensive system I've used and I've got two in two racecars IN HOUSE - Down side is cost and complexity of the software. Tons of help, but it requires commitment to learn to use and isn't "easy" out of the box. Garmin Catalyst - The best "beginner" device going right now, but honestly, it's a fancy tablet based "Harry's lap timer" with some limited coaching functions in a tablet form. Us instructors like it because we can share data and build profiles for multiple users on the same device and then compare the data among drivers. It's still "not" cheap at about $800 to get all in with camera/wiring harness/tablet and mount. Racebox - I've used this one time only, and it seemed like a competent device. We ran it against Harry's lap timer and both read identical data. It's limited and the mount was a little finicky. For the money, I'd just use Harry's lap timer. Of course, cameras are a part of the mix, and you can spend a small fortune integrating a system to utilize the data overlays for the cameras (I'm looking at you, AIM). One of the things that Garmin does well is integrate the data and video together for easy review and uploads to SM. For those still using go-pros (I am one), Racerender is a nice way to stitch the data together with the video, if you are patient and have the desire. The instructions can be a little clunky and if importing AIM data, you need to convert the channels to CSV first. With, even the most season'ed racers, I've found many people only want a few bits of data. I log 14 channels on my 968 powered 951 racecar, and we log 8 on the 944Spec. Most people want RPM, Brake, Acceleration, speed and lap time. If you're going to use your data logger to diagnose problems (like I used to on Sasha Grey) then you'll really want more than just the basics. OIl Pressure, oil temp, coolant temp, Amp or Volt, EGR, AFRs all can go a long way towards helping you keep your given platform in check. Do you want to learn how to read data? I recommend to my clients to get iRacing and VirtualRacingSchool.com. Then Use both in tandem to learn a given track in a given platform. ALL of this data directly translates to reading data and comparing your laps and data to your coach's. I've found this translates into real life with most of the more popular systems out there. Happy to help, or weigh in further, but I'm best reached through email as I'm never on here anymore. dat74z At Yahoo.com
  2. Figured I’d stop in... Catch everyone up on what I’ve been up to. Since I sold the Zcar, I’ve actually been able to chase my dreams of racing cars. I’ve been racing a Porsche 944 in spec series racing with NASA and PCA both. I’ve been having so much fun that I got all competitive and stuff and won some trophies, the 944Cup in PCA and set the track record with NASA in 944Spec at VIR. This was the dream I’d hoped to achieve with the Zcar. I found happiness in a Porsche 944 making 137WHP and weighing in at 2260 dry and empty. I’m not here to piss on the Zcar. I learned a ton over the years, and I’m thankful for all of it. That said, I’m here to relay if your goal is to RACE CARS, go out and buy a race car and race it. If your goal is to engineer, tinker and have fun building, then this place is heaven. Rock on! I’ll be racing!
  3. Last of the parts are loaded into the car and the car is ready for transport pickup. I fell in love with Datsun Zs when I was 16 years old. I saw my first on at a car dealership in the town I grew up in. It was a 72 orange in color, black interior. And I couldn't afford the insurance, so I bought a 1973 Celica instead. Over the years my love of these cars went from stock to mild to wild transitions and those transitions took me further and further away from the roots, the true purpose of the original Datsun S30 platform. The reason I fell in love with the car in the first place. It was simplistic in nature and so much fun to drive, so lively to enjoy as it was, in stock trim. Over the years I deviated from what was to what might be, and that journey took me far and away from the simple and wonderfully reliable nature of the car. I started with HybridZ in 1998 as one of the founding members. I've had Datsun Zcars in my life since 1987 (22 of them). Both have been like family to me, good and bad at times. Roller coaster of a ride the whole of the time I was in this community. This will be my final post here in this build thread. It's been fun. But I have to be honest. This place isn't the same since John Coffey's passing. I was going through some of my old notes from him on suspension setups and what he recommended, and the gravity of his loss really hit me. I've come full circle on the Zcar, just shy of 30 years ownership of atleast one Zcar constantly, sometimes 2 or 3. Hopefully the new owner can carry Sasha across the finish line. See you all around the interwebs.
  4. THanks for the kind words gang. Check received. Awaiting funds to clear the bank. I don't anticipate any issues. I'm happy she is going to a member here! Mike
  5. Journey slowly beginning to come to an end... I am starting to amass the data, software and build records for the buyer, a member of hybridz. I am glad it's going to a good home far away from my zipcode so I don't have to see her with another guy. Mike
  6. Check the for sale section - end of an era... She is being sold. Thanks!
  7. Sasha is back at home and doing well. We will reinstall the trans components and see how it goes. Hoever, I will be sidelined for a bit while we find out if there is something significant going on with my wife's health. Unfortunately, Donna had an unfavorable exam yesterday and we are going to start down the path of finding out if she has lung cancer or not, along with heart related issues. All the sudden cars and other things in life don't matter anymore.
  8. Hoping to get an update from Jamie At RiverCitySpeed this week.
  9. It has a lot to do with the way you mount the back of the block to a four arm engine stand. Stay away from mount holes near the BOTTOM of the block and make sure the bolts are appropriate METRIC size steel with appropriate length to penetrate the full depth of the hole and then take up the "space required with approprate steel flat washers so you don't bottom the bolts out in the holes.
  10. Update, We pulled vacuum after relocating the bleed tube for the steam fittings and the motor now has no air pockets. Also, as I suspected, pulled the trans and the crack at the rear oil galley plug Jamie fixed actually cracked on the back of the block as well. Motor is strapped up inside the car and the car will go to Jamie Taylor to address this and a few other minor issues as well. Pics on my FB wall at Mikes Hobby shop. You guys who are scratching your heads should know a few things... The internet is filled with stories of LS aluminum blocks CRACKING. That's number one. Number two is that the area we have seen the damage on this, a BRAND NEW GM block is VERY common. That Galley plug has a torque spec of 44# which is about 26# more than I set it to (18# with loctite thread sealer). One of the more common ways to damage the block is improperly mounting the block to a stand (which we never did the whole time I had the engine due to the issues with the FIRST LS motor I had (See posts circa Feb 2015). Another is by pulling the transmission into the motor with bolts with an improperly aligned transmission/bellhousing (if not factory)/Clutch kit or incorrect Pilot bearing. Again, none of this applied to me. Another, the more likely cause is that it was dropped at some point from the "manufacture process" to the "Mike received the block" process. It never was dropped while in my possession. So why did Mike get yet another block failure? We're down to two things... GM blocks that did not pass the "factory production" line spec were pulled off line... I can't prove that the blocks were resold, but when I shared my serial number with someone in the know, the answer (off the record) wasn't good. So buyer beware. it's almost BETTER if you buy your engine out of a wreck and rebuild it, apparently. The other of the two things... The rear of these blocks is fragile at the oil galley plug on the drivers side, and the starter mount base on the passenger side. The casting on these blocks is rough, as you are all aware, so just be careful handling them. I'm hoping this is the last of my issues and I'll actually get to turn some laps in my car by July/August. Mike
  11. Chasing down a leak in the coolant system. Spent several hours over the last few days pressurizing the system. I'll continue tomorrow, but I think the motor is going to have to come appart. Ain't looking good.
  12. Sounds like he high sided when he tried to get back in his lane. I sold my motorcycle in 2014 after 30 years riding motorcycles on public roads. I don't miss it and I have a sense of concern for everyone in my circle of family and friends who do. If it's not the distracted idiots, it's avoiding road debris, animals, or being caught by Darwin while being human. All that said, It sounds very much like john died doing what he enjoyed doing, and that is all that most of us would hope for.
  13. From John's Wall Through the shop: A Celebration of Life John Robert Coffey Please join us at 12 o’clock noon On Saturday, May 7, 2016 To share stories, laughter and memories. Waterfront Hilton Hotel 21100 Pacific Coast Highway Huntington Beach, CA 92648 Tides Ballroom – Casual Attire RSVP TiaMarie Harrison tiamaries@msn.com or in comments below.
  14. When I had my meltdown and left the HZ ranks as an admin, John was the ONE GUY who talked with me, texted with me, and was "that guy" who just said "Let it go man, move on and know you contributed a lot". He contributed 100X thru his level headed approach to everything he did. Just told my wife in the 18 years I knew him, I'd met him 4 times face to face, and spoken with him on the phone a number of times. He NEVER said a bad thing about anyone, and I never heard him lose his temper with anyone. John Coffey was the classiest of class acts and he will so be missed. Time is precious and not guaranteed. Tell those who mean that much to you how much they do, because, as this news has fallen on us all to prove the point, you just don't know. Godspeed John Coffey. You will be missed. Mike Kelly
  15. The cap failed initially, which we fixed by swapping a cap from another car, but the bigger problem was it went from holding steady with no issues 190-198 to 234 fast when we shut it down. Matt Shue caught it in time, but this doesn't appear to have been brought on by anything associated with the dyno. Car didn't make a SINGLE W/O pass. He was adjusting idle and had started working on part throttle drive-ability... as in like 5 minutes worth of driving on the dyno... MAX.
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