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  1. 3.36 R200 for my 77 280Z wanted

    i also have one and its cheap i dont know what the gear is but its a big gear like 373 or 410 its also a lsd e-mail me at [email protected] if you are interested
  2. Looking for a 280z header

    i have 2 sets e-mail me at [email protected] if you are interested . I will take $200 for both plus shipping or $150 plus shipping for either one i have some other stuff if you are interested ( the carbs are sold )
  3. Header question

    I do i have a set of AFR 210 in my 77 280Z & the headers that i found to work with my setup are from S&S they are long tube 1&3/4" but i have a front plate in my car as well.
  4. under construction

  5. 13/4" full length headers

    thanks i have ordered a set and the price you said is spot on thanks again four your help
  6. 13/4" full length headers

    thanks for the info but is their any premade sets out their? the s&s header co went under and i am still searching the web for more options .
  7. can anyone tell me who makes a full length 1 3/4 " header to fit a small block chevy in a 77 280? i am building a 434 ci drag racer no street duty at all only the track.