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  1. New 2015 Z-Car Collection

    Some of you have probably already seen it. Came up on my facebook, I ordered one in red link here: https://www.gearbubble.com/gbstore/zcars
  2. Datsun 240Z-280Z shirts

    I just got this in my facebook newsfeed and I thought some of you guys might be interested as well http://teespring.com/z-car
  3. MAX bore on L engines

    Thank you everybody
  4. MAX bore on L engines

    Hello! I want to know what the max overbore is (in liter) on the L24 and L26? Thank you Kind regards Sebastian Denmark
  5. Z Flare Kit Fiberglass

    Ill do Thank you everybody for the great help!
  6. Z Flare Kit Fiberglass

    Okay I have thought of the flares as a body kit. As written before, i don't wanna cut my fenders - will give my car rust. Maybe i should just drop them, what about flares without wider wheels? Do that look stupid? Is there some pictures of it anywhere? - Kind regards Sebastian
  7. Z Flare Kit Fiberglass

    Hello! Is there anyone here using the newer MSA flares: http://www.thezstore.com/page/TZS/PROD/7BSA02/50-1565 I don't like the bolts and the fender work of the ZG flares (and to much racer look, for my car). It seems like the new ones only requires some automotive grade double stick tape and adhesive. Anyone tried mounting them? (pictures?) Thank you! - Sebastian Denmark
  8. Hmm.. I dont know, i dont think they will pay for the dyno if they are wrong. Maybe if you make court case, but nobody have tried that before for a dyno session. It is ridiculous - you can not imagine how stupid I think it it's Yes that is illegal. The government only trust the factory to "say good" for cars. I think the laws is supposed prevent young guys in cheap twin turbo cars (examble) with to small brakes. But why the hell do they not hire some people to check if the tuned cars are safe with brake and so on. Instead, they prohibit it all! Yes.. They think less power and slower is more safe for the country But there is some methods to get past the 20% rule: - If the car factory, or the official car importer (Nissan Denmark) will say that the car can handle that power/engine. - Get the car "TÃœV Merkblatt 751" certified (brake, emission, dyno and stering is testet) - Cost around 10.000$ - Rebuild the cars to a more powerful model (Brakes, engine, suspension) and pay 180% in taxes to the government of the car's estimated value after the rebuild. Then i can be road legal - not easy! Wish i where born in US!
  9. You have to pay yourself for the dyno session, if the government think it has to much power. Turbo and compressor is declared always above 20%, because they dont think people want to get less than 20% increase in hp with that. We dont have any laws against NOS, but i think it should be used on the dyno test. The government inspect our vintage cars (+35 years) every 8 years (newer cars every second year) - so people can cheat with having a turbo (or NOS) on for 8 years and then take it off when the inspection is time. But there will be very big fines, if that is discovered!
  10. I keep my L engine, because here in Denmark we have some stupid rules (maybe the only place in the world?) that says an car may not have more than 20% more hp than stock (240Z = 150 + 20% = 180HP) So there is no reason to switch to another engine, - not street legal Would have been nice with a turbo L engine, V8 or RB.. Wish i where born in a country, where the government like cars
  11. Mynissanparts.com

    I think i have found one in Europe.. But i will remember you Thank you for the information Good to know that it can work with a collapsed column. I have sent a PM!
  12. Mynissanparts.com

    If you have a 240Z steering column in rust free condition, please send a pm..
  13. Mynissanparts.com

    They say they wont fit others than American models I have just received a email from Mynissanparts.com, none of the parts are available and they are all out of production I think i need to buy a used steering column to get the parts
  14. Mynissanparts.com

    Okay, thank you! - Denmark is all left hand drive.
  15. Mynissanparts.com

    One moment. . . . EDIT: Fixed now.