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  1. On the back end I have a CF Sparrow-tail spoiler to hopefully balance out the splitter. The big splitter imo looks out of place as well. That why I'm considering reshaping it to make it match the body lines better.
  2. Ok so once again im trying to make a chin splitter for my 240z. Im currnelty tyring different designs and thought i could you a lil input from you guys. Should i stay with the more angular design or should i round the splitter out to match the lines of the airdam? I marked out the cut line if i were to make the splitter rounded to match the airdam. Or maybe it looks better without a chin splitter. Let me know you thoughts. Few pictures below: CUT LINE FOR ROUNDED SPLITTER:
  3. Ill take em. whats your Paypal information?
  4. I destroyed my drivers side door and am in need of some hinges. I already have a replacement door but my hinges are also messed up. So I'm looking for a set of Drivers side door hinges for my 1970 240z. Please let me know if you have a set for sale and price. Thanx John
  5. Hi Guys, I destroyed up my 240z yesterday. So far this has been the worst new year of my life. In any case i am in need of a replacement drivers side door. Please let me know if you have one for sale and how much you want for it. Shipping with be to Broken Arrow, OK 74012. Below are pictures of my destroyed door. [url=http://smg.photobucket.com/user/anaranchi/media/IMAG2343_zps0e589e19.jpg.html]
  6. it'll be fine...the car is never going to be on the track.
  7. Well guys i could no longer resist and so now i have built my very first roll cage. Its far from perfect but for now it will do me just fine. My requirement for this cage was that it had to allow me to recline my seat all the way back. Being that i; 6'5" tall leg room is @ a premium for me. Also i wanted the cage to bolt into the car so that if i wanted to remove it i would do so easily. I got 1 5/8" mild rolled steel tubing with a 0.120 wall thickness and borrowed a cheap harbor freight pipe bender and a harbor freight $99 welder from a friend. The bends with the HF pipe bender are not perfect but for a almost 100% street car they work just fine. The base plates are made of .25" steel. and i use another 0.25" plate of steel to sandwitch the rear fender to bolt the roll cage. For the rear i built a set of plates with nuts welded to the bottom that mount onto the rear strut tower. COST SO FAR: Steel Tubing: $55 for 25' Welding wire: $15 for 0.5lb flux core spool Tube Bender: Free Welder: Free Grade 8 bolts, nuts and washers: $15 for 20 bolts, steel locknuts and 40 hardened washers. Foam padding from lowes: $8 TOTAL COST: $93 TIME SPEND: Approx 40hrs.
  8. Dont bother with the 305. If you are going to go through the trouble of a V8 swap just get a 350 or larger.
  9. Anyone know the spec's on this car? Saw this picture while looking for datsun body kits and it looks like a beast.
  10. The new car will be sold only in India, Russia and Indonesia initially, as it is being targeted primarily at emerging markets. http://www.foxnews.com/leisure/2013/05/02/new-datsun-to-be-unveiled-this-summer/
  11. To run a WC T5 out of a Chevy Fbody car you will need the a 153T SBC flywheel and 10.5" Clutch and pressure plate. you best bet will be to buy a high torque ministarter off ebay. You will need to upgrade your clutch. The cheapest way to go will be to use a clutch master cylinder out of a 90's F150 and the clutch slave cylinder out of a 90's camaro (or anyother Fbody car that ran a T5).
  12. Well if im not mistaken the Datsun T5 bolt pattern in similar to the ford bolt pattern. So in order to do it would would need a Chevy T5 bellhousing and a adapter plate to bolt the datsun T5. Also the Datsun T5 will be eaten alive by the SBC. You are going to be better off finding a cheap WC T5 from a F-body chevy off craigslist and going with that. Once you factor in the cost of teh bellhousing, adapter plate, and input shaft you will be spending a lot more money to run a weaker transmission behind your SBC if you pick the datsun T5.
  13. I think i documented a good bit of it with lots of pictures in page 3. However I used a WC T5 out of a mustang since it is much easier to find. http://forums.hybridz.org/topic/102903-my-240z-is-almost-done/page-3
  14. You should be able to do the swap for 2K easy. I am in the process of doing a SBC 355 swap right now. I was able to score a 4 bolt main freshly rebuild motor for $700 and am now replacing the stock 882 heads with patriot freedom aluminum heads i got on craigslist for $400. I am running a borgwarner WC T5 transmission but if you want to go auto you can run a 700R4 or a TH400. You just have to look through CL everyday and you will be able to find an excellent deal.
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