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  1. WTB 240z w/ RB25DET/RB26DETT (manual)

    Located in Southern California, but will travel anywhere in CA for it. Budget of around 20-30 depending on condition of vehicle. Please know that I am not looking to complete any projects at all. A full interior with a sound system is a must. The car doesn't need crazy large brake upgrades or amazing suspension. I am looking more for a cruising Z with some power than a track rat. Thank You
  2. 240z Front Valence (3-Piece) Set-NORCAL

    I contacted him already. He says its in worse shape than what the pictures lead on. I'd prefer a straight piece.
  3. 240z Front Valence (3-Piece) Set-NORCAL

    Do you have pictures, can you send them to my cell (you have PM). I'll actually be in the City today, gonna go to the Academy of Sciences to see whats up.
  4. 240z Front Valence (3-Piece) Set-NORCAL

    I prefer steel, not fiberglass, but thanks for the offer. Zentech: What is the difference between the 75 240z vs the earlier iterations? What would need to be done to make it work? As i understand it, the end pieces attach to the headlight buckets and the middle piece I'd have to maybe fab a bracket or something? Pics? Note: This is going on a 280z, but I already have 240z turn signals.
  5. 240z Front Valence (3-Piece) Set-NORCAL

    Looking for a straight 240z front valence assembly. Must be straight with all mounting tabs intact. Color doesn't matter, surface rust doesnt matter. Need by end of this week (I ship out).
  6. As title states. Need the glass with the frame (metal piece that attaches to the tracks).
  7. Mr.Vengeance's 71 S30-240Z Shakotan Obake

    This build thread is truly an inspiration. I am very sorry in advance, but I am totally going to bite those blacked out inner buckets. love the contrast!
  8. 280z passenger and driver doors. both! norcal

    I just need driver side now.
  9. 280z passenger and driver doors. both! norcal

    I need a 77-78. Sorry. I didn't know they were different.
  10. 280z passenger and driver doors. both! norcal

    Year 75-78 280z The one with the bar locks.
  11. Coilovers for 280z with 240z suspension

    i was told not to use 240z struts on a 280z. a shop told me that they were more likely to blow due to difference in weight. also, can i just use mr2 all around or would that drop me too low?
  12. I want to do some coilovers on my 280z. I swapped everything over from my 240z so im running 240z suspension. I want to go with ground control and am assuming I have to buy the 240z kit because of the tube diameter, but I was wondering if the spring rate wouldn't suffice on that 240z kit, I think the 280z kit comes with higher rated springs due to weight difference. I also am not sure about what strut cartridge to use, I understand that the MR2 inserts allow for a shorter stroke allowing me to achieve a ride height like this (http://www.stancenation.com/forums/showthread.php?4194-73-240z) without compromising quality or allowing for bottoming. I'm not sure if I'm going to end up with a reverse rake, however, because of the longer strut tunnel on the 280z body. I'm farming out the labor, but it is up to me to get the right parts so I was wondering if one of you guys could point me in the right direction. I have read the FAQs on the coilover's but they don't really speak to my unique situation. Thanks
  13. It is the last thing my car needs, but unfortunately I am all tapped out financially. I have called several exhaust shops and have received quotes in the ballpark of 400-600 dollars for a custom set up. I wouldn't mind running side pipes if it were cheaper either. Would it be cheaper just to purchase a custom exhaust kit and tack weld it together and have it sent out to be welded completely? I guess what I am asking is, based on everyone's experience, what is the most affordable/easiest way to run the exhaust on these cars with this set up?
  14. Ignition Wiring problems; no spark

    Should I also remove the distributor ground from the battery post and use a body/motor ground?