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  1. a little photo dump of me and my crew.. the Zeros baby.. my 72 Celica too.. The Zeros.. the crew at the Mitty Road Atlanta.. had fun tearing ass on the track.. albeit bigger brakes are better for the other fellas..
  2. pics from the SouthrnFresh/Garage Zero show.. me and my Kohais killin it. BurnUnit crew's Z cars.. Danny Abyss' car and mine.. and it wasnt intentional on the hood being a bit open in the flicks.. and my other Kohai in his 4AGE swapped TE72.. Teror's TE.. welp.. AE turned to TE.. ahha kinda low.. http://www.garagezero.com http://www.thestreetfighters.com Im sittin out here in Yamanashi Japan right now.. i want to bring something home for the Z but i cant think of anything she needs from here!
  3. Sup yall.. sorry to answer so late.. im here in Japan. My homies black Z wheel specs are 15x10s all around with a 4.5 inch backspacing all around. i cant remember the tire sizes though.
  4. mine and my crew mate's Z.. mine with my camaro.. and her all han solo..
  5. yhiz nah that wasnt the point i was making.. i would only go to the knockoffs for the look of it, and price.. not the quality.. which is most reasons why folks get em. i was simply stating that if the knockoffs were offered in an aggressive offset and wider.. I WOULD BET.. that the sales would TRIPLE on your average sets. its just they target the Civic guys.. hahaha
  6. I just REALLY need to find out the best Jet sizes to Rejet the Holley for optimal performance.. its just an off the shelf 390 carb.
  7. It has? I dont know how to follow it.. did it show up somewhere special? thanks man! also heres my 72 Celica(where i took the wheels off of from to put on my Z) and my 49 Chevy Leadsled I built. and my favorite car of all.. my sons Cart rod.. I welded up and made this for car meets to push him and my other son around..
  8. so Turbo Tom huh? I heard hes pretty known here down south... maybe it is his?
  9. the only thing the originals have on the copies is that they can make them in aggressive offsets.. if Rota or whoever can one day supply the deep offsets but still maintain that price point.. man.. watch out.
  10. Hey fellas.. okay some have already see my other thread, and I figured some on here might know where this thing came from.. We found this on another S30 in a Junkyard here in Atlanta.. Its actually very nicely fabricated and my homeboy (who is a ducati builder, and fabricator) noticed it in the junkyard.. he told me and my folks about it and said he thought it might be pretty neat to pick it up.. so I did, just to see... so fastforward, the manifold is on and it runs great(still need to rejet the holley a little though).. which led to my build in the first place.. this was the first modification to the car. and after a bit.. I wondered.. who made this? anyone have any ideas?? check it out.. I know its hard to see. thanks for your help fellas!
  11. hopefully ill get extra credit for it on the final exam.. haha Well the mindset on it was i was going for the "Zombie dead eyes" front for it.. it kinda helped out the trashy look of the car.
  12. Joe, the coilovers are Tein Coilovers from some damn car we had laying around.. i cant remember, i think it was for an S14. heres my Z before the oil cooler was installed and the front spacers werent on.. with my 80 Corolla wagon parts getter.. the corolla is quite ignorant.. ahhaha
  13. yea, not everything has to be the fasted thing on the street.. besides, heres my main girl whom i love the most. if anything, i just enjoy this car for just how different it is from my other cars.. it really has its own character.. and heres how the car looked a month ago
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