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  1. spitsnaugle

    LS Swap Parts

    Updated post with sold parts. Will be posting my complete rebuilt LS1 later.
  2. spitsnaugle

    LS Swap Parts

    The car already sold with the Hoke kit in it.
  3. spitsnaugle

    LS Swap Parts

    new photos added and updating sold parts
  4. spitsnaugle

    LS Swap Parts

    Location: Dayton Ohio LS engine potentially for sale soon. MegaSquirt MS3pro plug and play LS wiring harness and ECU. SOLD Hawks LS 240z 1-7/8" long tube headers. SOLD These are the best long tube headers available for the 240z LS combo. Talked with hawks and had these the collectors angled to fit an auto trans! (will also fit manual). Likely the only long tube headers that'll fit an auto trans! Holley ULTRA XP Carb, Intake and MSD ignition $800 (total cost was $1400) (bolted together, but never used) Holley ULTRA XP 750CFM Jegs: 510-0-80803BKX LSx carb'd intake + MSD ignition box Jegs kit: 510-300-132K dual feed fuel line 700r4 Transmission (Complete) $1200 ($2k invested -- I may keep this, trying to fit into next car) Jegs Performance 700r4 Transmission (works with LS) high speed torque converter. Flywheel The 240z: $6,000 SOLD Some Photos: https://imgur.com/F0UYyJj <NEW 5/1 exterior https://imgur.com/vCrYBpy <NEW 5/1 rear underside https://imgur.com/iRfImPN <NEW 5/1 front wheel https://imgur.com/9vmuuca <NEW 5/1 rear wheel https://imgur.com/J73BiMQ <NEW 5/1 hatch floor https://imgur.com/7ifnO56 <NEW 5/1 hatch area/floor https://imgur.com/rpiPVyM <NEW 5/1 hatch area https://imgur.com/3B4Be8p <NEW 4/28 dash with speedhut speedo https://imgur.com/HPFDhPv <NEW 5/1 dash area (mind the dust) https://imgur.com/OLKoOXj <NEW 5/1 suspension https://imgur.com/JcdBphQ <engine bay photo https://imgur.com/8gYOIWM <exterior https://imgur.com/d3HMGvw <currently in the garage https://imgur.com/EITVYbh <under side floor passenger https://imgur.com/tFPdcCG <under side floor driver side https://imgur.com/nxPbw8U <exterior with air dam up (this photo is older, but nothing has changed) 1971 Datsun 240z. INCLUDES THE FOLLOWING Hoke Performance LS motor swap mount kit. -- for auto or manual trans. 280zx brake booster wilwood master cyl. new classictube.com brake lines front to back stainless braided fuel lines, aeromotive regulator Tanks Inc. poly fuel tank, and fuel pump, Radiator: champion 3 row + custom an fittings deka etx20l battery with braille battery bracket Speedhut GPS speedometer, with high beam and turn signal markers (photo here) speedhut tach and alternator gauge and gauge faces, Spare dash harness included. Marugen Shoukai Flares (best quality I could obtain) Wheels: Rota RB-R 17x9" and 17x9.5" Hyper Black with Polished Lip. Tires: Cooper RS3-S 245/17 and 275/40/17 I've cut out the rust and welded in new metal at doglegs, battery tray, and hatch/tail light area, it really just needs painted. Engine bay painted in bmw deep sea blue. Engine bay/triangulated strut bracing added from firewall to struts. Spare tire well removed (for new fuel tank) and custom bead rolled sheetmetal replaced it. triangular bracing at rear struts bad dog frame rails (not installed) Interior is currently stripped, but stored in garage. Most carpet was thrown out--Its cheap and easy to replace.xenon flex urethane air dam camaro fender Vents behind rear tires: (see bjhines car for reference) hatch panel z source Arizona
  5. spitsnaugle

    Ford 8.8 IRS swap v2.0

    Austin has all of the designs and measurements I have, I'll reach back out to see if he's interested in finishing it without me. If not, I'd be interested in letting my parts and designs/measurements go for a very reasonable sum. I'll be posting a rather lengthy rolling chassis for sale / part-out thread later tonight or some evening this week.
  6. spitsnaugle

    Ford 8.8 IRS swap v2.0

    Austin Hoke of hokeperformance.com has it all at the moment.
  7. spitsnaugle

    Ford 8.8 IRS swap v2.0

    I've given all of my measurements and designs to Austin Hoke, he's a bit backed up with working on his house, and he and his wife just had their second child. But on sad note, I've actually given up on my Z car. I havent had it running in 4 years, I keep finding other things to fill my time. I'm pulling the engine soon to sell the rolling chassis.
  8. spitsnaugle

    Ford 8.8 IRS swap v2.0

    After hearing about some failures with someone elses kit twisting Im working with a well known Z vendor and amazing engineer on some improvements the front mount. I'll let you know more when I have it. In the down time, I ended up redoing half of my garage, had to level some concrete, raising the door, and put in a four post lift. Makes it real nice not working on my back on frigid concrete. Woah, I'm on the v8 s30 group, was it there? what was it?
  9. spitsnaugle

    Ford 8.8 IRS swap v2.0

    I've received the updated rear mounts. Removed and replaced the diff again, its now where I wanted it. Waiting for front mount now.
  10. spitsnaugle

    Ford 8.8 IRS swap v2.0

    Yeah! After talking to a race shop that gave me the idea, I did some searching and found Ronin did that for miata swaps.
  11. spitsnaugle

    Ford 8.8 IRS swap v2.0

    Just updating: still waiting on revised rear bushing mounts.
  12. spitsnaugle

    Ford 8.8 IRS swap v2.0

    I sent off my revised design to the CNC shop this last week, hope to have new parts on hand end of next week. From there I have a sheetmetal shop waiting to a final measurement on the front mount. Then its off to make a larger batch of them. I'm not doing axles hubs etc. Theres many options and different price points depending on your needs. One guy on the v8 FB group reused the ford axels "Stock explorer axles cut down and resplined to fit 300zx TechnoTuning outer stubs" Which might be the cheapest option, I purchased the driveshaftshop's explorer to 930 cv adapters...
  13. spitsnaugle

    Ford 8.8 IRS swap v2.0

    Spent some time on the Z this weekend. Dropped the engine back in. Tided up a few loose ends. Triple measured the rear diff again.
  14. spitsnaugle

    Ford 8.8 IRS swap v2.0

    Oh my guys, I'm sorry I'm a slacker here. I've been out touring Germany/Austria/Czech for just short of a month, and came back and have been too busy to keep rolling on the car. I had a friend just last week laser out my front mount, I found one of my measurements off. It'll involve scrapping the two bushing mounts I had CNC'd already. I should be able to get that squared away in the next two-three weeks. I'll be out again for a week at september 15th hiking banff national park just west of Calgary, Canada.
  15. spitsnaugle

    Ford 8.8 IRS swap v2.0

    I had planned on doing all with black powder coat on cradle and front mount, but if someone wants raw I can probably put one aside. Eventually. I tried a couple other waterjet/machine shops local as well, but each failed to produce a quote, or I was too small of quantity. A friend recommended teamzmotorsports, and they were lowest price (still) and they were even going to do the powder coat. But its actually getting done now, so thats good. Its in there! Hopefully Ill get this back in there soon, too: