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  1. I'm going to keep moving forward with my build and swap the bent strut at a later date. You guys Rock, thanks again!
  2. Part #'s for the strut tubes 54303 E4128 54302 E4128
  3. Confirmed s30 strut tubes. I measured the top inside spindle flange to the strut tube and I have a 3/16 difference. The left side is 15/16 and the right is 1 1/8" . I have welded in camber plates. As much as I want to ignore this, I didn't realize that it makes as much of 1" impact at the top. Having one side of my camber plates maxed out kinda eliminates the reason for having them in the first place. Crap!! Last night I ordered 2 angle meters from eBay. I haven't test fitted brakes on again yet but I did a while back and don't recall anything funky. I guess the next step is to start comparing other people's struts and eliminate the bad guy. Thank you everyone for the advice!
  4. Thanks Pete! Ok just swapped hubs with same results. No visible damaged at tube/spindle, I sandblasted and powder coated these myself and did not notice any damage at that time either. The shocks slid into the tubes ok. Used a straight and could not see any visible bend. I'll try to find an angle finder and try that. Am I overreacting or is 1/4" difference a big enough deal to be concerned about? Thanks, Ryan
  5. Hi all. Finally bolting on all drivetrain after a ground up restoration. I have a 1/4" difference between the top of my front brake rotors to the strut housings. Below are some pics to clarify the measurement location. Is this common on 240z? Will this affect my alignment ( I do have camber plates). If it is a bent strut housing how can I tell which one is bent? I did remove my Hubs and re-checked bearings/races. This car has not been driven in 20+ years. 1972 240z with Arizona z car hubs/rotors. Thanks!!
  6. Plexi Quarter Windows

    Can you film tint plexi like regular glass? For some reason I remember that you can't??
  7. Fuel Rail & injector housings SOLD !!!!!!!! Cam & intake still available
  8. Bump - manifold, fuel rail, injector housings and cam still available. I can make someone a good package deal!
  9. OK - looks like we are going to split things up -- I will have individual prices posted tomorrow with a few more things for sale - Intercooler , BOV , Solid diff mount. I will give first dibs to the everyone who already posted or pm'd me regarding specific parts. Thanks
  10. I think I found the injector housings on eBay but it's been about 5 years. I can't seem to find them on the web either now.