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  1. maybe i'll just paint it Dupont BMW Ice Blue instead. make look like a true classic
  2. ive seen some flat black rat rods painted like his Z, the rims are a dead give away though. so is the body kit. i'd put black rims on it instead of chrome.
  3. i'll just leave my front gravelpan bent up to add to the rat look, dont worry it dosnt look like a crushed soda can at the bottom w/some primer here and there. man im loving that Z, sinister paint job
  4. :mparty:yes! yes! yes! Thats my goal Thanks for posting tha pick, i'll just hand paint the word Kaiju on the side, ive got enough artistic talent to do it myself and make it look custom (Kaiju= Monster in english)
  5. well i cant think of anything right now. the body is in good shape. maybe a front gravel pan and a rear deck lid but i dont have the money to buy anything for it right now. my main focus will be to get it fully opperational then i'll focus on the body and ect..
  6. cool but i was thinking about somthing that looks more like a wall scroll. branching out from the back instead of the front on one side and braching out accross the fender an hood on the other side starting from the bottom front of the door.
  7. maybe the car would look better having a custom paint job than rat 1.High gloss black, blacked out bumpers 2. Med size cherry blosom tattoo art on each side (flat color insted of gloss.) 3. Monster written in japanese on the hood or fender top, red lettering "BlackOut Z custom".....LOL!
  8. i think i may consider puting a cherry blosom branch on each side and have monster written in japanese on the hood or maybe a dragon in clouds on each side. somthing no body else has done before. just painted on not colored in. i know a guy at tatto parlor who could probrably do it for me he did the pin stripping on his biuck rat and i looks pro. me and my maverick friends hang out there.
  9. it would realy fool alot of people, and hondas. what bout some tat art on it maybe narrow it down to one thing instead of covering it with stuff.
  10. if i did satin black it would be a flat color. no gloss, kinda like flat black
  11. well the the car already has a layer or flat black paint on it. it looks more like purgatory than hell right now. there are only a few major rust spots on it. gravel pan an rear trunk lid, oh and my brother was try to do some work on the fender and he cut a small place along the fender seam/ridge at the bottom, wasnt the smartest thing to do.... lol !
  12. wrere can i get cheap parts for a 280Z, if there is a such thing a cheap parts for them. body, engine, interior were do you guys get your parts from
  13. i been thinking about turning the 280 my big brother gave me into a rat rod satin black W/ cherry blossom, dragon,tiger maybe some koi tattoo art painted on the side and hood.. would it look cool or crap
  14. Prowl

    New to Z

    thanks for the link, im getting the title changed if he come home for spring break or summer. i dont plan to do anything at all to it until its in my name.
  15. Prowl

    New to Z

    i just aquired my brothers 280z (feul Injected inline six), and it will hardly start. i think its somthing with the injectors or the feul pump maybe both could somone help me. it hasnt been started since we brought it home from my brothers place this past summer.
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