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  1. Where the heck do you buy a Fuel Pump Control Relay for a 1978 Datsun 280z?
  2. 1983 280zx turbo

    I just bought my second 83 280zx turbo. This one runs great and supposedly has a built motor with a cam of some sort. But on the downside it is an automatic. It has some rust in the passenger floorboard. The tach nor speedometer don't work on the digital dash I don't know why. Here are some pictures.
  3. 1983 280zx turbo

    Yeah this car wouldnt go but 10mph for some reason may have just been the driver, IDK?
  4. 1983 280zx turbo

    http://s1234.photobucket.com/albums/ff415/k204drek/?action=view&current=2013-02-06_15-48-04_916_zps8fee5e88.mp4 Heres the link to the video of it running.
  5. 1983 280zx turbo

    Oh i know my turbo is completely shot. It wont spool and it shakes around in the housing like the bearings are bad. Id say it has alot of shaft play.
  6. 1983 280zx turbo

    I bought another 280zx turbo it is a 1981 model with an auto trans. It only has 109k original miles. It runs pretty bad I reckon cause the turbo is shot. It is in aight condition. I plan on using the power plant and a 5 speed and rear subframe in my 260z project. Here is a video of it running. (Hopefully it'll work)
  7. 1983 280zx turbo

    Well I found another 280zx turbo, it's not far from my house either. I'm going to look at it tomorrow.
  8. 1983 280zx turbo

    Thats what i was thinking but the guy i bought it from said that he took it to a few different places and they just look at him like he is speaking french or something. THe car runs super rich it still runs great just rich as heck. My stage 2 clutch that i ordered yesterday is sitting at my house today (SWEET!!!) TO bad im at school and not working on the car.
  9. 1983 280zx turbo

    they sure are, i live in the cove in between pigeon and lookout mountain in north ga.
  10. 1983 280zx turbo

    I finally got the car home and pulled the trans and have another trans awaiting to be put in. I ordered a stage 2 clutch for it today. It runs real good I have to figure out how and who's gonna tune it lol. Nobody seems to know what electromotive tec2 is???
  11. 1983 280zx turbo

    Yeah I can't wait to get it home, I left it at the po's house cause the trans is bad.
  12. 1983 280zx turbo

    I bought a turbo 200sx today, it has a ca18det with a t4 turbonetics twin scroll turbo electromotive tec2 engine management, ls1 coil packs, aftermarket fuel pump, pressure regulator, 550cc injectors, r200 rear end, FMIC, aluminum radiator, ohhh and before I forget it was built by Tom Wyatt aka Turbo Tom
  13. 1983 280zx turbo

    I've already got 2 5spd trans and a 4spd and whole 280zz parts car with the engine and trans still in it.
  14. 1983 280zx turbo

    Yeah I prefer a manual over auto any day the car was too cheap to turn though so I bought it.
  15. 1983 280zx turbo

    I never have mastered the manual trans brake stand im only 16 though lol not that much practice. I did a burnout in this car in the dollar general parking lot though it was fun. Everytime i drive my 76 f100 i smoke the tires off just cause its fun.
  16. 1983 280zx turbo

    For some reason all my threads keep getting deleted from the main page. I have to go through my profile to find any of my threads its happened to 3 of my threads.
  17. 1983 280zx turbo

    Not sure what a ROH is but they were saleen wheels.
  18. 1983 280zx turbo

    Here is my other 280zx next to my wicked foxbody that I sold
  19. 1983 280zx turbo

    I have a 280zx turbo 5speed as well. I thinking about keeping this one an auto I kinda like it. It has a new p90a head on it along with new ecu, afm, speed sensor, plugs, and plug wires. I plan on taking the valve cover off and seeing if there are any markings on the cam. I have several options for the car I don't know which one to go with I could drive it around or 5 speed swap it as I have the pedals from my parts car and 2 5speeds just not the amazing Borg Warner 5speed or I could put the swap in my 260z there is a full megasquirt kit in my area with all sensors and harness for 300$ in my area.
  20. OK as the title says my 1983 280zx turbo runs awful until it is fully warmed up.. It also will not idle it just dies and then you crank it back up and it runs for like a second then dies but when you finally get it idle When you try and give it any gas it backfires through the intake and studders. When it gets warmed up it runs alright it still studders a little and backfires sometime but runs good enough to be driven. Also if the rpms go anything above 1k my fuel, door, charge, and another light stay on and my heater fan will come on sometimes but then it cuts off. With it idling and the heat on it idles at like 1.5k with the fan on and the selector in the air position (although i dont have an air belt) it will idle up to like 2k. I have had this thing for about 5 months and fiddled with it here and there and nothing i do makes a difference.
  21. 1983 280zxt runs awful till fully warmed up

    It runs perfect right now with the CHTS unplugged. I have to get out open the hood plug the CHTS up then cranl it unplug it and go if its warmed up if its cold it cranks right up unplugged.
  22. 1983 280zxt runs awful till fully warmed up

    Is it possible to replace the CHTS with a potentiometer? This is the sensor i have http://nissan.autoparts-usa.com/photo/parts/standard-coolant-temperature/1293742.jpg Ok at 76 degrees F i have 1.8k ohms on the old sensor havent tested the new one yet.
  23. 1983 280zxt runs awful till fully warmed up

    Ok at 76 degrees F i have 1.8k ohms on the old sensor havent tested the new one yet.
  24. I thought i had it fixed but it stills runs like crap. I relplaced the chts but it still rins like crap with it plugged in and runs perfect with it unplugged.
  25. Yeah i red that 3 page thread and tried it all nothing worked. Ive been threw the FSM as well replaced the CHTS still runs better with it plugged in reset the timing reset the ecu fixed all the vaccuum leaks.