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  1. '81 280zx Turbo For Sale

    Location: San Antonio, Tx Price: 2,000.00 Details: I am selling my "'81 280zx Turbo GL". I need to clear space for another vehicle. Car is as "stock" as I could keep it. Car has about 500 miles on an overhaul (both engine and auto transmission were rebuilt) new Turbo new stock, turbo injectors I replaced the stock ECU with a MS3 (MegaSquirt EMS) I am in the middle of replacing the MS3 with a NEW ms3/MS extra setup to get to full sequential injection. Car did run fantastick - I have MS3 logs. Car is not running now - no time to finish MS3/MSx install! New performance springs (1" lower than stock) New stereo, 4 speakers in the "stock" locations NEW, GENUINE NISSAN '81-'83 TURBO hood - these are as scarce as hens teeth Pictures show car without much of the trim - I was preparing to have it painted. I have all trim pieces there is no rust in floor pans some rust in bottom of both doors, I repaired that a few years ago Car has been garaged most of it's life T Tops, of course, with the GL model. Both tops in good shape. Car is a great project car - would love to see it go to a new owner that will get it painted, finish MS3/MSX install and drive it. Again - this car comes with TWO MS3 (v3.57) Megasuirt EMS's - one of them new, unused and with the MSExtra daughter card One JimStim v2 A new GENUINE NISSAN '81-'83 turbo hood (unpainted, still in black primer, installed on car) new coil springs Good T Tops (scarce) Rebuilt, strong stock 6 cyl eng (rebuild by Kendrick Automotive, San Antonio ,TX) Rebuilt, stock automatic trans More pics available on the craigslist add here : http://sanantonio.craigslist.org/cto/5413608757.html
  2. The ig LED on the MEGASTIM is always on. On when I attach it to the MS3 - stays on even after I try an output test mode. I did replace the BIP373 just for grins. I read where some folks believe they have "blown" this component - still others insist that doing so is almost impossible.
  3. ...and here is the log file ( a tunerstudio .msl file - zipped) 2015-08-02_13.31.49.zip
  4. I have an '81 280zx turbo. I'm using the MS3/3.57 - with the latest firmware. I've been driving the car for over a year - after many months of learning how to convert to MS3. Car had been running SWEET. I took it out for a Sunday drive two weeks ago - coincidentlally I went with a laptop connected, simply logging. I wanted to come back later and analize the log for any possible tweeks. Alas - damn car died when I was doing about 50. I pulled over, into a side street. Long story short - spent several hours doing some debuging. I have determined that I am not getting any spark. The MS3 is alive - I can put it on a JimStim - or in the car - the sensors appear to work, and I am getting RPM signal. Again - just no spark. I replaced the new coil with yet anothe new coil - same result. I also used the Tunerstudio output test mode to test spark. No spark. Any suggestions from anyone? I am attaching the log file I was recording when the car died. I don't see anything odd. My car config: - stock - everything except the MS3/3.57 - I am using the DIYAutotune trigger wheel
  5. Tim H, I have an stock setup on my '81 Turbo. Running bank fire on the injectors, LC1 O2 sensor. I did have a little extra funds to get the MSX3 - with intentions of converting to sequential - but have not done so, yet. Car is running sweet - hate to mess with now, but probably will convert to sequential at some point when I get time.
  6. No CAS signal for some reason

    Barrel_Ball, Did you get your 280zx running? Did you ever put in a resistor on R57? I too am a bit confused - Megamanual says to NEVER use R57 - but other posts on this forum and elsewhere indicate that using a 1K resistor is necessary.
  7. MS3 on 280zx stopped working

    I have an '81 280zxt. I put in the pre-build MS3, v357 about a year ago. All stock - only mod is an 82/83 Turbo dizzy to replace the '81 dizzy on-flyweel CAS. I drove the car every other week or so as I started to do body work. Suddenly, as I drove back into the driveway a few months ago - the car died. I've been debbuging ever since. I also sent the MS3 back to DIYAT and had Matt take a look. He said it appears to be operating fine. I've re-checked all of my connections. I re-soldered some. No luck. I am getting RPM/trigger signal. Everything appears to be working as "it was" when i was driving the car. The only thing I see that is suspicious is the spark. When I remove a plug, hold it against a ground and have someone crank the car - there ONE great spark - then only a very, very week spark that is barley detectible. I do get enough spark to trigger a timing light (yes - I'm still at TDC). I replaced the coil just for grins - but no change. The car fires - attempts to start - every so often, but that's it. I believe I have a spark problem. Although Matt says he did not see any problem when he tested the unit, I am suspicious of the BIP373 coil driver. Any suggestions?