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  1. Which bodykit is this?

    Was surfing the web and saw this Datsun with a really nice aero kit. I am building a 20B Datsun 260Z for the track and would really love to use some parts of this kit, but where to find it, or could it just be a one off?
  2. Came across a datsun 240Z racing car for sale in Europe and it looks like it had a tough life and could use some TLC. The car itself has a wide body kit that looks like a old design of some sort. Could be a old "Bergrennen" "hill climbing" car but was wondering if anyone have ever seen this before? Car got a 6-cilinder M5 engine under the hood from a early E28 BMW. The more I look at the car, the more it starts to "grow" on me and maybe with a new paint job and some other bits and pieces, it just could be a fun car... What do you think about this bodykit?
  3. Replica 240z

    Hi Craig, I'm now in a process for someone who want a Silhouette trackdaycar and he showed some interest in the FRP shell and body. I live in the Netherlands and already had contact with Stephen. I will def. order some parts from you for my own Datsun, but would love to make a car from your company to race on the tracks. A speed six or vq35de engine is what I'm thinking about. Only problem is how to get a glass front window for the car and also the suspension parts. Would be nice if we can use BMW suspension on the frame. Cheap and easy to come by. Will keep in touch! Kees
  4. building the first RB260Z in Germany

    Nice car! I'm from the Netherlands and had contact with someone in Germany with a RB26DETT Datsun 260Z. I emailed back and forth with him, but on my old mail @ work. Forgot to send forward his email... Will see if I can find him on the net. Good luck with the build! [i'm going for a VQ35 engine]
  5. which engine for the track

    ^^ Thanks for the reply, know exaclty how hard it is to help me out here. Just to clarify a few things. 1. My budget is €20.000, thats roughly $ 28000 (my bad) 2. Power output I'm after is 400-450 FWHP so NOT RWHP 3. Car will be streetlegal, but most of the time to drive it to the track. Some level of comfort would be appreciated... Will also use the stock dash, 2 seats etc 4. I will do most of the work myself, got a garage complete with all the bits and pieces to start a business myself 5. Because I already own a slightly tuned Viper GTS, I prefer a car with a turbo just because I also like the "push" 6. A turbo'd engine is not a must when there is an N/A engine available with better powerband and capable to achieve my power goals., hench the TVR V8 7. I just don't want a american V8 engine, not really liking the sound of it in a Datsun and its been before so many times, I rather take something a little bit more unique. I don't think finding parts will be to difficult, lots of importing companies overhere and prices are OK. Read a lot of info on HybridZ and by the looks of it, a 2JZ-GTE or SR20DET seems to be a "easy" way. Engines are also pretty cheap to buy in England. I also have an broken 13B rx7 engine laying around, will see how that fits the enginebay of the datsun, its roughly the same as a 20B engine... Choices choices choices........
  6. which engine for the track

    Thanks guys, I'm not asking which engine is the best of all, just want a engine suitable for the track, so weight distribution is also important. Don't really fancy a RB engine, just not my cup of tea, sorry. I'm also in contact with someone offering a 20B engine from a Mazda.. Could be lots of fun.... choices choices. My top list now is: 1. VQ35 2. 20B 3. AJP V8 4. 2JZ-GTE 5. SR20DET
  7. which engine for the track

    Nice input, will look into that. Those engines cost around $7000 over here so within range! I also put some feelers out for a AJP V8 engine, darn cheap and a engine with a special sound to it!
  8. which engine for the track

    Sorry guys, but forgot the mention I do NOT want a V8 engine expect a V8 from a TVR. Don't really like the sounds of V8 engines in a japanese sportscar...... no offence!
  9. which engine for the track

    was considering to build up my datsun 260z to be a perfectly restored high powered beast with a 2jz-gte engine in it. I then bought a Dodge Viper GTS little bit tuned by Heffner performance and absolutly love the car! I also occasionally drive some trackday events and now I want to build up the Datsun for track. I have about $ 20.000 to spend on the car, but because a 2jz-gte is a bit heavy, I also consider different engines. So what engine would be a good engine for the track. Goal: 450+ RWHP Smooth power delivery NO v8 Turbo engine (maybe considering a A8JP engine) Good weight distribution Thinking of the following engines: SR20DET 2jz-GTE Cosworth engine (YB series) A8JP TVR engine (single plane crank) What do you guys consider to be a good engine for my project for "normal" prices. PS I live in the Netherlands, so some parts are easier and some parts are harde to come by.
  10. Nice car, price seems OK for it, so good luck with selling this beauty!
  11. FS: 1971 Datsun 240Z with SR20DET Loc: North East

    Its so sucks I don't have the money right now. Just bought a viper gts and wanted to start on my datsun 260z build, but living in the Netherlands means it will cost! Your car would be just perfect for what I'm after, but I think I need to wait another year... real bummer. Good luck with the sale, really nice car and strange it isn't already sold.
  12. also love this color, but cant seem to find the code for it.. grrrrrr:twisted:
  13. This is one of the colors I have in mind for my 260Z
  14. Paint Ideas.

  15. Paint Ideas.

    Here are some quick photoshops of the car as requested. Sorry that I don't have a lot more free time on my hands, but you get the idea.