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  1. Does anybody have the lenght for RB engine, McKinney mounts and a R33Gtst diff with Technotoy diff mounts?
  2. http://forums.hybridz.org/topic/50138-chris-rummels-easy-follow-rb-into-z-wireing-guide/ I had to read it 5 times because English is not my main language, but it seems to be not that hard Most important is to get the wirering diagramm. I hate to do electric stuff but will give it a try before i pay a lot of money for a shop to do it.
  3. These engine mounts look like crap, sorry. There is so much that can go wrong when you weld metall. Imagine the welding didnt go through the complete mount, would look good but would break when you put power on it. Thats the main problem with chinese stuff. Would be ok for a unimportant car part like exhaust manifold. You can weld it when it breaks, but you will get big trouble when the engine mounts break. Go and buy some mounts from mckinney, they look much more solid and have proofen to hold big powers. Same with the oil pan, get someone who can weld well or just buy it from pat. same here, everybody seems to be lucky. Like a wise man said: Im to poor to buy cheap stuff
  4. Get your engine stuff in a box and ship it to europe. Http://www.sky-engineering.com/ This guy did build my rb26 engine for my r34 gtr. Made over 750hp and i got 1 year warranty on the engine. No one gives you a warranty on a racing engine, he is the only guy i know. He checked my engine, found many things that i haven´t. He is working on RB engines every day, never hear about a broken engine that was build by him. When i had a problem with my build engine (LinkG4 ecu map sensor was broken), he drove 300 miles to fix this in my garage at home. And the also made the lowest offer to build my engine, he is the no.1 choise for RB engines in Europe. If you need a cheap way to get your engine here, i know a transport company that ships from LA to Rotterdam (Netherlands). You can put your box in a container with old U.S. cars for maybe $200. And stop buying fancy new stuff until you found the part that destroys your engine!!!
  5. I bought the installation parts from TechnoToy and a complete rear frame from a R33 Gts-t Skyline from England. The parts will arrive in the next week, if its interesting for anybody i can picture them and let you know about the installation.
  6. damn cool project. im building a RB26 in my 260Z right now but im far from your build. thanks for sharing, will check all your pics tomorrow
  7. We will arive on the 1st of november, i think its a Thursday. Will go to Las Vegas until Sunday, then back to LA untill Saturday. Can i use the 280ZX suspention on my 260Z? Can you post some pictures?
  8. sounds good! will contact you anyways, need some good bars/clubs to go out in the evenings
  9. Datsun Parts LLC is also close to LA. Any more ideas?
  10. I bought the turbos and the RB26 is also here. My last project was my R34 GTR pushing 754hp on the dyno (4wd shaft off because it was only a 2wd dyno): The RB25 gearbox can only handle arround 600hp on a RB engine (still dont know the torque, the R34GTR made 880nm but it was a single turbo and more hp). Thats why i bought these 2860-5 turbos, they match with healthy 600hp. If youre telling me that 600hp is complete bullshit and complete not driveable on the street, then i belive you. We have maybe 10 260z in Germany and not one is driving on high hp, so i cant ask someone else here. Which R200 do i need? We had some Z32 300ZX TT Nissans here and the diffs are really cheap. Isnt it possible to get an oil cooler to the R180 diff like on a Supra TT EU-Spec? Is it possible to get an installation kit for a R33 Gtst Skyline Diff? Ratio would fit to my gearbox, it can handle 600hp and most important: I have one here Eddie
  11. Why should i not really have 600HP? Its not like we Germans have no clue about fast cars Why wont the Quaife setup work? I asked these guys and they told me it can handle all kind of power with lifetime warranty. The new halfshafts also seem to be more solid than the stock ones. The RB26 engine wont make that much torque like a 600hp V8. @John If its not possible to get this solved with the R180 quaife, how much is it when you get me a complete R200 setup (without the quaife diff)? I will visit your shop in November. And im posting that right now because im only there for 10 days and cant accept any shipping, production or buying delays. Shipping a diff to Germany will be like $500, so its really important to get ALL parts i need in the back of my Caddy. If you think im telling bullshit or waste your time, i can send you some pictures of my projects Thanks for your help!
  12. Hi, my RB26 is getting in these days. I have 2860-5 turbos, will go up to 600hp max. (dont know the torque yet). Which way of diff uprade should i go? As England is really near and i dont have taxes to pay (in Europe) and not really high shipping costs, i would like to buy the diff there. My plan was to buy a quaife diff (660GBP) and the Wolf Creek Racing CV kit: http://www.wolfcreekracing.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=72&Itemid=61 Plan B would be to get a Subaru R180 LSD diff and the Beta Motorsport side axles. Im not sure which way to go, do you have any ideas to handle the power? Gearbox is from a R33 RB25 Gtst, i drive 275/40/17 semi slicks on 9,5x19 wheels. Will do 70% street, 10% drag and 20% track. Thanks! Eddie
  13. Hi, im from Germany, and we dont have many Z31 or older Nissans here. Im going to LA on the 1st of September, bought a 1977 Caddy which will be shipped to Germany after my trip. My plan is to buy all the parts i need for my RB26 build and get them in the back of the Caddy to save transport costs. I have 3 Datsun parts dealers on my list, but none of them seems to have the parts i need. Where could i buy a complete setup with all the parts i need to get my rearend bulletproof? Car will see 600hp max. with 2860-5 turbos (dont know the max nm it will push wight now but i guess it will be arround 700nm) Thanks Eddie
  14. Thanks mate, didnt know they were that close. Allready bought my engine mounts from them, real nice and friendly contact. Will visit them
  15. Hi, im in the LA/Las Vegas area for 10 days in the beginning of November. I´ve seen the Z-Store is not that far from LA, are there any other shops i can visit? As we have only a few 260Z (maybe 5-10) in Germany, its hard to get the parts without big shipping costs. I bought a 1977 Caddy Eldorado and will ship it to Germany after my vacation, so i have some space in the car for my Datsun parts. I need parts for my suspention, brakes and interior stuff. Im droping a RB26 in my Datsun, so if you have any more shops for me it would be really helpfull. Are there any RB of V8 swap Datsun drivers in the LA area?
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