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  1. DCOE 18 Auxiliary Venturi

    Admin. please close this thread.. Thank You.
  2. DCOE 18 Auxiliary Venturi

    Wanted; DCOE 40 Model 18 Auxiliary Venturi 4.5
  3. I was able to get some from Courtesy Nissan a couple weeks ago...might want to give them a call. (240Z-1973 )
  4. Stub Axle

    Wanted... Rear Stub Axle(s) 70-73
  5. Robin, Are you still lurking around. Fire me an email if you want to talk Z's. My son is up here with his so now we have three here. Phantom

  6. USPS sucks!!!!

    Fedex is the one i will never use.. if i have a choice. My package was way past over due, I receive a post card (usps) from fedex stating that fedex cant find my location and need to come pick up package at there office. WTH, they send a post card in the mail to tell me that they cant find my office. Pizza man never had any problems finding me I tell them. Morons!
  7. Texan No Mo'

    LOL.... right on! Have you been up here yet for a look around? Its a pretty small town, be prepared for a couple months of culture shock . But all in all is a nice place to live, lotsa choices for places to take up residence. Talk to ya soon.
  8. Texan No Mo'

    Yakima! welcome to this city! It will be good to see another Z in town. If you have questions or whatever give me a hollar.
  9. Lost my best friend........

    sorry to hear this, take care of yourself..... as I know how you feel. God bless
  10. It is most definately original paint with no rust except as stated at the begining of this thread. The paint still shines like it should... however there are a few little dings that I want to get rid of. So what would you do racerx if this project was yours?
  11. Thanks for the replys guys, mucho appreciato....... I will seek further advice and figure what to do when I sleep on it for a few. Nice looking gauge pod there Guy! thanks again
  12. Hello, I am now at to the stage of looking to paint the car. The car is in great shape however there are a few dings on the side panels and I will be replaceing the lower valance. The care does have a sign of rust (paint bubbling) starting on the roof right behind the the front window trim that is about 3 inch x 1 inch aprox. for the rest of the car all is in great shape with no other rust. The original color is white and I would want to keep it the same color. My question is how you all go about fixing these areas. Rough up the original paint, fix the dents with filler, prime the filled areas then spray over the entire car? Any education you can throw at me would be appreciated. Thank you Robin
  13. Thanks Zen, low and behold in was not the fuel pump after all, I was not getting power to my FP (no power at the plug under carpet in back) my bad. I just checked all connections in the car by pulling cleaning and repluging all connections. I am currently rebuilding the dizzy, breaker plate bearings are not where they should be and vaccum advance not working, next will be brakes, the parking brake cable is seized. I just need to hold my horses and do all the basics. Thanks to all!
  14. Thanks D. I too have the Haynes but havent come across how to troubleshoot this. I do have good battery and alternator.... cranks good on the key. Is there any component that will shut down the fuel pump other than the relay? I can go get a new fuel pump and see if that is the problem but hate to find out that it is not and go back to the ole drawing board.
  15. Hi, back in 2002 I i aquired a 280zx '79 that had a bad tranny. Couple months ago i found room to roll the Z into the garage (Jr,'s car off to college) and completed the rebuild. All went well with the rebuild. Started her up today after re-lubing the cylinders, backed her out of the garage (first time uder power for the Z in almost 6 years) started heading down the driveway for a test run and she quit. Tried to restart but no go..... I cannot hear the fuel pump running anymore. My question is, is it the fuel pump or relay or some of the other components. Im not sure where to start. hehe no pun intended. thanks in advance! ps.... this site and all that share their knowledge has assisted me greatly!