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  1. W/black interior I’d go with a metallic medium gloss gray. I think the red or blue would look less refined.
  2. OK. Obviously stumped a bunch of people here. Turns out it's somewhere in the hydraulics - the brake master cylinder reservoir has metallic particles in the fluid. That pretty well dictates replacing both the master and slave cylinders along with a thorough flush of the line. FWIW - my '98 LS1 and '99 T56 use GM units. The slave cylinder is the donut style with a bleed port, Part #15046288. Pretty much the standard slave cyiinder used by GM on all their manual transmission LS variant V8's. The master cylinder is GM Part #DB07AF610A. This is the master used on Chevy & GMC trucks & Tahoes with manual transmissions back in 2001-2005. This particular master cylinder is an easy install on a 280Z - almost no modifications required.
  3. I brought this up earlier as a caution to autoX folks that push their cars really hard. This particular guy had broken the right front spindle twice on the track he was running. He did have the fastest overall time each time. While not unusual it is not a frequent failure = evidently only occurring on car/track combinations that can induce extremely high cornering stresses.
  4. I have a '99 T56 from a Camaro Z28 behind an Ls1 and a stock GM clutch. Lately when I hit the throttle hard and take the engine into the 6K range the tranny doesn't want to shift. It will pull out of the gear it's in but won't go into another gear. No grinding or anything like that. It's almost like the reverse lockout is engaged for all the gears. Once the engine slows down to roughly 1500 RPM or lower I'm able to get it into gear. It also happens more frequently when the transmission is cold. So, do I have a tranny problem or a clutch problem?? The clutch also engages/disengages pretty close to the floor.
  5. Mine is the original JCI conversion and they threaded the stock Datsun temperature sensor into the block so that I have one for my stock gauge and one for the computer. I also wanted to keep all mu stock gauges. been running it for almost 15 years now.
  6. The failure is in the flange part of the spindle. Extremely hard cornering with wide sticky tires created more force than a stock 240Z spindle can handle. From what I heard this is not an unusual failure when pushing cornering limits to the extreme.
  7. Keep an eye on your front spindles. Guy here with a V8 240 and sticky tires has broken his a couple times and is looking for something beefier.
  8. My son is running 275/40-17's (BFG's) on the rear of his '73 240Z but they are all-weather types so he has like zero traction. He also has a lot less weight sitting on them than I do also. I see that they've changed the allowable treadwear rating to run in the street classes for autox. That will make things a little more interesting as the cars will now have a little less grip.
  9. Good to see that you've worked through most of your problems and have gotten that S30 on the road. I'm fixing things 2nd & 3rd time around on mine as age and miles have been catching up with it. Over 245,000 on the odometer now - had to have that rebuilt too. :<) Spent about 3 weeks this winter getting a bunch of things fixed and now the car is ready to go for another season. Best it's been in 3-4 years. What are you running for tires now? I've got some older Dunlop Direzza's (300 treadwear) that I'll be needing to replace in a year or two. Down to 4-5/32's. They hold pretty well on hot pavement but not for crap when it gets cold.
  10. Now you just need a Braille battery with a custom Skillard battery box.🙄
  11. Wow - just realized it’s been 2 years since I last read on your progress. It’s always fun when dealing with new, untried parts. I was lucky with JCI. Hang in there.
  12. While you're at it use a mirror to look at where the cable attaches to the release mechanism and make sure the wires aren't fraying and breaking. You'll be surprised at how much easier the release works with some grease on it.
  13. I can tell you for certain that there was no thoughts about a turbocharged LS motor when the JCI stuff was designed. I worked with John back in 2003/4 to develop the components and the general guidelines were an easily maintainable engine position with OEM reliability. I had to twist his arm to go T56 rather than 4L60E. Thats one of the reason his header primaries are only 1.5". Things have come a long way since then as far as what is available to go into the cars. Actually - I'm waiting for someone to put a 640 HP supercharged LT1 out of a CTSV into an S30. I've seen it in a '66 Chevelle so why not a Z?
  14. I'm using a stock 2WD '02 Suburban to pull a 10K capacity open tilt trailer and my 280Z. Trailer and car weigh in around 5,500 lbs. The Suburban handles it fine and has tons of enclosed space for all the stuff I take along with me and at least 4-5 passengers, 7-8 passengers if I don't have a lot of stuff, or me +1 if I lay them all down and load up with up to 1,000 lbs of "stuff". I've towed my Z from Ft Worth, Texas to Yakima, WA and it all went fine - even in the rockies and when I hit a snow storm. I think in the 13 years I've owned the vehicle I've put about $1,500 in repairs in it. My biggest expense has been tires.
  15. Phantom

    Car Shows

    If you go to a judged car show - stand by the car and talk to people. One of my favorite things is to watch the faces of young kids and see them light up when I tell them to go ahead and sit in the car. (Disclaimer: Don't let young boys under the age of 5 in your car. They will want to pull, twist and yank on everything they can get their hands on.) I had one young girl -roughly 10 years old - that her mother literally had to drag her out of the car. That made the whole show for me. For you young guys it's a way to start a conversation with some good looking chicks - seriously - I'm an old fart and it works for me. It sows good will into the community and a helps create positive attitude toward our rides.
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