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  1. JCI developed their components on my 280Z. The 280Z tunnel is larger than the 240Z but the solution can be the same. Since the tunnel will be covered by the console and carpet use a ball peen hammer and dent the tunnel out where the reverse switch goes. They had to push mine out maybe 1/8" to clear ok. Yours will be a bit more. I've had no issues since the original install in early 2003.
  2. I like to take my Z to car shows over the summer months. It's a daily driver so the paint is 22 years old and has 100,000 miles worth of rock chips etc. The interior is getting a little worn and the wheels are definitely not the "in" style. It is, however, usually the only or one of a few Z's at the show and tends to draw a fair amount of attention. I also spend my time standing beside the car (rather than sitting in a chair behind it) and talking with people as they come by. I've heard a lot of nostalgic stories about the Z's people used to have. I also keep my racing helmet sitting on top of the car and talk kids into putting it on and having their parents take pictures of them in the car. The kids and the parents love it. Like I said - it's a daily driver, not a show car, so it's ok to touch, sit in, etc. Interestingly, of the five shows I went to this year, I came home with a trophy from three of them. Go figure. Really pisses the guys off with the 6 figure show cars that get nothing.
  3. Having an LS-1 powered 280Z for 16 years now I'd love to be able to incorporate all the "new stuff" that has become available since then. First off would be an LT4 with a 6-spd behind it going trough either an R230 or a Ford 8.8 IRS. Brakes & suspension would be TTT. Subtle Z wide body to accommodate at least 305X17 tires on new Rota wheels. Keep the LED running lights but upgrade the headlights from HID to LED Upgrade AC Upgrade sound system to new Alpine components. Repaint the car to either a Mercedes or Audi metallic gray with a darker gray racing stripe. That being said I think I'd just as soon keep all that cash and use it to have fun with the car I've enjoyed since I got it in stock form back in 1992. It is ssoooo much fun.
  4. This was Bill Reagan's restoration project. You should have seen his custom. I was in Z Club of Texas back in the 90's and Bill was known for his knowledge of the Z's.
  5. Sjoost - I went to a local custom interior shop and took them a house carpet that I wanted to use on my '77 280Z. He made it work and I now have a totally unique carpet.
  6. Go to www.dapperlighting.com and look at the HID and LED products they offer. I have a set of their HID lights I bought several years ago and, other than a failed relay, I've been happy with them. They are very responsive to customer issues and will work with you until the issue is resolved. The HID lights definitely need to go through a relay. You may not need that for LED headlights but relays are always a good idea to avoid running power vs control current through your column switch.
  7. Hey - they're all the L series - L24, L26, L28, LS1 - right? 😀
  8. Jon, For reference purposes here's a few dyno runs on a bone stock '98 LS1 running thru a single 2 1/2" exhaust.
  9. Thanks for the nice comment. If I still lived in Arlington it would be fairly easy to hook-up but it's a good 2,000 miles from Houston to Yakima, WA. 'Course that would just be a good break in run for your car. Might be a bit tough on the ol' behind, though.
  10. We used the John's cars compressor kit. We also had the LS1 Wire diet guys do the wiring of the computer. If they are not listed above I have the receipt, found them on eBay. There is an AC request on all LS1 computers as far as I know. We sent the Vintage air 12 volts to that, used the trinary switch from the GTO to talk to the computer. The computer then sends a 12 v signal to the Under hood fuse panel that has a relay. We just put a relay on the fender by the compressor with 12V from the battery. Works fine. We did have to get a fitting and TIG in the trinary switch though. Used the one from the GTO and used an in line port fitting. The advantage is the computer runs the AC, WOT cut out, under or over pressure, over 40 MPH no fan, over 4000 RPM cut off. Lots of good stuff happens. GM engineers are a lot better at this stuff than we are. This may help on the pin out info. Fortunately my 280Z already had factory AC when JCI was developing their components on it so it was just a matter of making the compressor fit and then work with the Datsun controls.
  11. Yeah - the guy I had do mine moaned and groaned = but then he did it and it turned out great. I had him do my wife's Z32 convertible with a berber carpet and it turned out so well I selected a carpet made by Wavemaker called Chivas Regal and twisted his arm really hard. I googled it and this is one of the images that "Bing" brought up. https://www.bing.com/images/search?view=detailV2&id=5B222EF660A0AE13BF930BA281C5D2233C733B7F&thid=OIP.NNouDs-1YmQMX8fdcDbLLQEgDY&mediaurl=http%3A%2F%2Fforums.hybridz.org%2Fuploads%2Fmonthly_03_2014%2Fpost-263-0-17968700-1394340273.jpg&exph=768&expw=1024&q=wavemaker+carpet%2c+chivas+regal&selectedindex=68&qpvt=wavemaker+carpet%2c+chivas+regal&ajaxhist=0&vt=0 Considering that photo is 14 years old I'm pretty impressed.
  12. The nice thing about carbs is that you can actually see the parts that are doing the work - take it apart - put it back together. It's like tuning an EFI system but with a screwdriver and changing out parts rather than tapping on a computer keyboard. The bummer side is that it isn't once set, always set. My son only knew EFI and then he bought a '71 Chevy pick-up with a carb'd 350. Seems that no one knows how to work on them any more. I never thought they were all that hard with a little trial and error.
  13. Dang - JCI is doing 1 3/4" headers? Mine are 1 1/2". Still have 2 1/2" collectors?
  14. What kind of carpet did you install? I challenged my guy by getting a regular house carpet. Thicker and stiffer than what you normally find in a car but it certainly came out nicely - and quieter too!
  15. Really nice thread. Ties in with the work Grenade300 did with his write-up on a '73 240Z. Thanks for the details on the intake. I've been considering changing mine over to a cold air intake for a while.
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