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  1. 98 Grand Cherokee 4.0

    Oh. I have the 180sx suspension and its still really stiff so I think I've got the weight issue covered.
  2. 98 Grand Cherokee 4.0

    I'll take measurements of it. And I'm getting the hood cowling that puts a hole in the center of the hood and allows it to vent like that so I feel ill have hood clearance. I wanna stick with a inline 6 that's got torque and it will make plenty of power for the car and while it won't Rev super high like the l6 it will still be nice I think.
  3. 98 Grand Cherokee 4.0

    Well I have access to an engine, like super cheap. And I got access to a supercharger for free, I feel I can do this swap for pretty cheap, I will eventually go with a Ford 8.8 rear end as well.
  4. As the title says, wondering if anyone has thought about swapping a 4.0 into their engine or if they know if it will fit but hasn't been done, I've got an opportunity to buy an engine super cheap and I want to do it, but was asking here first if anyone has any input on this idea. Would be neat.
  5. 4.2 vortec engine

    Alright will do sounds cool thanks for the ideas.
  6. 4.2 vortec engine

    Good link. Glad I asked questions first. Now on to find another inline six engine
  7. 4.2 vortec engine

    Will click on the link in a second. But ya I had looked at that while looking at my mom's trailblazer.
  8. 4.2 vortec engine

    Ya, it does and it's nice, I like the idea of an inline six still tho. But I am unsure if I would be able to have a 5 speed with that motor.
  9. 4.2 vortec engine

    Ok I might have misspelled vortec, anyways I was wondering if anyone had thought about swapping that engine into their z. Add a turbo to it for some extra umph may not be worth a rebuild but I do know that thos motors are fairly cheap and seem to be easily acquired. Anyone else have thoughts? I haven't really checked to see if it would actually fit into the car tho.
  10. 240z 5 speed conversion

    I was going to make this a daily for a while before I do a more serious swap. Not sure on that yet as I was thinking of just doing a ls swap or going 1j or 2j down the road. I was planning on staying with the diff it came with till then.
  11. 240z 5 speed conversion

    Nw240z are you talking to me? Mine is a 6/73 240z. I'll look at theach links either way. But for now Im only worried about the 4 to 5 speed swap.
  12. 240z 5 speed conversion

    Alright I'll check that out. Thanks for clearing things up.
  13. 240z 5 speed conversion

    Hmmm cool I got it a little more now. I assume the 90a is the one that I've read about that has the ratios closer to the 73z 4speed then? Sense it's from a 82 zx turbo is it safe to assume that one is a 71b?
  14. 240z 5 speed conversion

    Ok I got confused by what you had said about 71b and 90a. I need a little more context to that.
  15. 240z 5 speed conversion

    Alright, it's confusing on the t5 topic cause it's all scattered and a places say different things, and the guy who had a post with auto to 4 speed just said to use a 5 speed instead and there was very little mentioned in that post about the t5