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  1. I haven't done the cooling mod. To be honest I don't know at the moment.
  2. As you guys may have seen on social media we are almost finished putting the final touches, for a custom intake manifold for the l-series. We thought it only be fair to post here as well. Here are the details... Finally a Beautifully Tig welded Aluminum Intake Manifold For the L-Series motors. With a choice of 75/ 90mm Throttle body and Fuel Rail. We have been researching and devoloping this behind the scenes it is a very well thought out piece that has function and form combined. Link to store with full details (75mm intake set) Follow us on our Facebook and Instagram by giving a like to stay up date with new product development and sales. now check out sweet shots!! More on our social media pages Link
  3. Does that intake clear inner fender? Specifically throttle body/tps. Mine is hitting needs to be either clocked 90 put cable from top of manifold, cut out/bang fender/shock tower, or change angle of the flange at intake side. Thats for me with 2jz, cx mounts(altered them to have motor in the middle though. Dont know about if you fitted before or not.
  4. I wouldnt tie into sensors grounds for the reasons you described above. CLT sensors are like 20 bucks (pm me I carry metric and npt type with connectors) if you sucked it up for an ms3pro and speedhut. You dont have to run the oil pressure sensor for ms but with so much spares inputs , it is a nice additional add on you can set parameter like limp mode if oil pressure goes down etc.
  5. NO Finned cover left ! TURBO MOTOR SOLD updated in the top.
  6. You can get GPS speed via the tablet sensor, Oil pressure would need a sensor to MS2 which is doable.
  7. I bought too for my last build a gt3582 clone was amazing! Mind you I did not put allot of miles but plenty of people run them with no issues. You have to remember when Chinese Turbos first came out on the scene they used inferior materials and they never got balanced. The tarnished history takes allot to get back in the win colum however its still Chinese turbos you get what you get at the end of the day. There are some "better" chinese turbos apparently like CX and VS racing. Lots of the sloppy mechanics followers use the VS racing turbos 700-1000hp junkyard LSX setups too.
  8. Americans dont know about boxing day they have Black Friday though. I think its a British, Australian and Canadian thing . edit thats your crank case breather, on fuel injected cars it goes to the intake manifold with PCV valve.
  9. I have noticed this too, It was available before.
  10. I just saw some custom mounts on facebook for an Lseries They looked quite nice I must add. I cant find it now but if you post on the z groups there you will see some .
  11. No its just a step up for the barb you should be fine.
  12. One of your pics scare me you dont want the harness through the turbo like that.. Did I not leave enough slack? I am referring to pic 2 btw. IM With Rossman here no on the heat shield. I would put the EBC on the side shock tower. I have mine there too.. Also if you dont want to run an adaptor for vacuum line , You can get the appropriate barbs for the solenoid I believe its a 1/8npt. You can plug one of the two turbo fittings never understood why Nissan put two boost referenced on the compressor housing.
  13. 15% off at www.Protunerz.com use code blacksale
  14. Shes idling nice. I would get a wideband in there as soon as you can. If you need connectors, for coils , injectors or any of the sensors I have those in stock. With that much patch work I would go with full floors or atleast front one big patch it will look much better. How does it lookI know the 280 fuel lines run on the floor vs 240z so something to think about. How does it look behind seats?
  15. I doubt the spring and ball would do that. Thinking there is something off inside ie synchro, or linkage issues. Whats strange is can shift in into the 2n and 4th rear gears so maybe its not a external linkage issue. Could it be wrong reverse switch maybe too long not allowing it to get in? I am just thinking out loud here with you buts thats where my thought process would be.
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