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  1. stevo_gj

    s130 Master Cylinder in an S30

    I purchased a 280zx pedal box for my 260z, and the pedals weren't interchangeable. I ended up having to get a proper 260z box.
  2. stevo_gj

    L26 Running 240z Carbys with SM Needles?

    I've never heard of that before! I'd be interested to hear more, and also anyones comments on the SM needles
  3. Hey guys, I've recently purchased a pair of 240z SU carbys to clean and use to replace my flat top 260z carbys. My engine is a stock L26. The SUs are in fairly good condition and I really only intend to replace the gaskets, but a few people have suggested that I look into SM Needles. I have searched hybridz trying to learn more about SM needles, but so far I have only found that they are not ideal to be running on an L24, but are perfect for an L28. No one has mentioned how they perform on an L26. The needles on the SUs seem to be in good condition, but I wouldn't remind replacing them with these SM needles if there really is a power boost. What do you guys think? Merry Christmas, Steve
  4. stevo_gj

    costs of your cars

    You bloody lucky Americans Here's some perspective from down under. At time of writing 0.74AUD ~ 1 USD. My Z cost me 6500 AUD to buy and was considered a bargain amongst the club because it ran beautifully and was rust free. Closest I was looking at was a 260z for 14K. My planned RB25 conversion I'm budgeting for 12-13K AUD. Suspension overhaul in December will cost me 3K AUD. I've got lots of other bits and pieces that total another 5K. I don't believe the project will ever really end, which suits me fine. I'm crazy and like to punish myself by keeping close track of spending. Still, if it makes me happy and is within my means, why shouldn't I do it!
  5. stevo_gj

    Speedhut gauge faces installed, finally!

    Nah mate I didn't. If I was doing the install again I definitely would because its a bloody good idea. I'm giving the UV thing a try again to see what it's like when its installed and it actually looks like it might work. I'll still have some residual light from the LED but it might blend well purple and blue. I also bought 10 new stock bulbs so if all else fails I'll do what you did.
  6. stevo_gj

    Speedhut gauge faces installed, finally!

    I've emailed Speedhut and I'll let you know if they reply with anything useful.
  7. stevo_gj

    Speedhut gauge faces installed, finally!

    Hmm, if I HAVE to I'll go down this road, but I was trying to avoid putting bulbs back in! Oh well the white light certaintly looks a lot better. Cheers mate, Steve
  8. stevo_gj

    Speedhut gauge faces installed, finally!

    My turn to resurrect this thread. I purchased and installed the set and I'm very happy with the light, except I have had difficulty painting the needles with anything that will show up at night. I tried putting UV LEDs in the original bulb housings and then painting the needles with UV paint, but there wasn't enough light. Apparently 'glow in the dark' paint stops working after a few months of use. Does anyone have any other suggestions? I am a bit flummoxed. If you want to see pics of my install go to this link: http://www.viczcar.com/forum/index.php/topic,3000.0.html
  9. stevo_gj

    My Interior

    Thanks very much Armand, Thats some really helpful advice. I'll definitely check out that site. I'll probably go with those Infinity Kappa's and sound deadening like you recommend after I talk to the local car sound store. Thanks again, Steve
  10. stevo_gj

    My Interior

    Hey Armand, I am about to invest in a sound system for my Z, and will be going the MSA speaker box route but with no speakers in the doors, same as Datsun723s original plan. You seem to know a bit about car sound and I thought I might ask you whether combining the 2 rear 6x9s with the Retrosound head unit (its the original looking one that MSA sells under Radio and MP3 kits) would in your opinion produce a good sound system. Would I need to consider anything else past the box, the sound system and the speakers if I went that route ie, sound deadening, amplifying, rattle, etc. I've never modified a car sound system before and would appreciate any advice you have. Thanks, Steve
  11. stevo_gj

    Looking for 3D rendering of a 240/260

    Cheers Carfan, but sadly they have no 240/260 files available for download, the best I can find is a couple of half finished project images but no 3d files.
  12. Hey guys, Sorry if this has been requested before but I've been unable to find one. Does anyone know where to locate a 3D image file for a program such as 3DS max which contains a 240 or 260z? I was hoping to test some ideas I have for a paint job out on it but I haven't got the skills to actually create the body. Thanks a bunch! Steve