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  1. SOLD! Very happy that the car has gone to a Peter, a member of these forums. He drove all the way from Texas! Enjoy the car Peter.
  2. Engine mounts are bolted to a custom crossmember welded to the frame rails. A deposit has been made on the car by a member of hybridz. Maybe I'll snag a photo and post it up here when he arrives on Friday from Texas.
  3. As rturbo 930 stated, this is simply due to that particular photo being a panorama. It is indeed straight and true with no issues on both sides of the car.
  4. Car has been sold! Hey everybody, It was through this forum that gave me the knowledge to restore this car, and it is difficult to say but I am selling my beloved 240z, hopefully to a member of this community. The Story: I purchased this car in 2006 from the family of the original owner (who passed away and gave to them in their will), with ~102,000 miles, and have put about 6,000 since then. Clean title. A project for me while aspiring to become a Mechanical Engineer in school. I stripped it to the frame inside and out and restored/replaced nearly every wear & tear item over the course of 3 years. The body is immaculate, 9/10 with the number of nicks on the body able to be counted on one hand. Body is mostly original paint and in near showroom condition. The car has numerous upgrades, all listed in detail below. A SoCal car all its life, this has NO RUST. Originally only had a spot in the front left bottom rocker panel from the rain gutter, and that was repaired with fresh sheet metal professionally. View photos. The build was done in as tasteful of a manner as possible, with the goal to not stray too far from the original design (IE: Fender flares, bumper removal, 18" wheels, etc.). The car was intended for predominantly street use but to be a car that can drive to and from the track comfortably a few times a year. In 2008 Vildini Motorsports swapped in an SR20DET I purchased from Japan with "less than 30,000 miles." After ~1500 miles it started burning oil, and eventually it had an oil blockage of some kind, causing the oil filter to back out when the engine is cranked. At the time, I started my bicycle passion, and didn't find an immediate need to fix the car, and have been living car free until a couple months ago. The motor needs to be rebuilt, and the car is currently not operational (and is currently registered as such). Fast forward 8 years, and here we are today. My lifestyle has changed drastically since my time restoring this car, and I don't foresee getting this car running for many more years. I will be continuing my education next year and would like to minimize student debt through the sale of this car and starting a solid savings for myself. Aside from the motor, 95% of this car is complete and ready to enjoy. Approximately $27,000 was put into this car, not including the original purchase price of $5000. About $20,000 of which I have receipts for. Easily $10-12,000 of labor that was performed by me. Anything body/engine/electrical intensive was done by professional shops. ---------------------------- Here are a handful of pictures below, for 65+ detailed hi-res photos, click here. All pictures were taken a few days ago on 07/09/2016. I am selling this car for $14,500. I have done my best to search through all the e-mails and receipts for the history of this car, and wish to answer any and all questions as honestly as possible. I've done extensive research on 2016 sale prices of 240z's, and feel this is a very fair price for both parties. Communicate with me. The car has been generously stored/garaged by a family friend's house in Malibu, and is available for viewing. I live a short distance away in Santa Monica. Yes, the motor needing to be rebuilt can be considering a big negative, but you will be restoring the most vital part of this car with the re-assurance that you yourself have completed the task with your trusted machine shop/mechanic. Afterwards you will walk away with a gorgeous 240z with a brand new motor putting down ~200-220hp to the wheel, and a 0-60 of 4.7/8 seconds with a quiet cabin and great handling characteristics (read below). This thing will put a big fat smile on your face, and beat $50k+ sports cars, whether on a straight line or the track. I believe the vehicle can easily be sold for $20-25k with the rebuilt motor, considering the low mileage, restoration, and condition of the body. Vehicle comes with various parts detailed below, including but not limiting to original front end, gauges, radio, various manuals, books, and more. If you would like to know the full details, continue reading below. Each area of the car has a section of what is needed, a very, very short list of work next to the motor rebuild. ------------------------------- History: -This car was featured on the cover of Road & Track magazine in January 1991, and I have the contact of the previous owner who might still have a framed poster of it. I have a digital photo of it saved on an old hard drive that I have to try and look up. -Early 1971 Series 1. VIN is HSS30-20246. -The car has been on jack stands the last 8 years with wheels/tires removed to preserve the new coil-overs/shocks installed during restoration. Exterior Body: The body was in great shape when purchased, with the exception of a small dent in the front of the hood, some parking lot damage to the rear body panel, and rust in the drivers side front rocker panel, and passenger rear rocker panel. All of the above was professionally repaired (read: not a bondo job) and color matched to perfection. The photos reveal how true and straight the body is, with basically no small dents anywhere. Nicks on the body is nearly non-existent and can be counted on one hand. The front of the hood has a slight 1" scratch that was made from moving storage items around it in the garage it is stored in. The paint on the fiberglass MSA & BRE spoiler front & rear has some nicks when viewed up close. All lights are completely functional and the headlamps have high wattage bulbs/housing. PIAA driving lamps mounted on bottom of bumper for additional night lighting. Exterior Body Needs: Nothing. Driver's side rear rocker panel seam has slight separation. View pictures. Aesthetic issue. List of parts restored/replaced: -Original front end is included with this car, and the front end can easily be converted to complete factory condition. The two vertical bumper supports are included as well, and its chrome is in equal condition to the rest of the bumper (excellent). -Brand new JDM fender mirrors installed, and the original driver's side mirror hole was welded and color matched, the entire driver's side door was painted. -MSA Front lower air dam with available brake cooling ducts. -Clear Headlight Covers -All window seals with the exception of the rear quarter glass has been replaced. NO water leaks anywhere. -All lock cylinders are in great shape. -OEM period correct wiper blades (wiper blades fully functional, washer fluid jets are not, but washer pump/electrical works) -Fender flares rolled for adequate tire clearance. -All chrome window trim in immaculate condition. -New window scrapers and inner felt channels. -Windows tinted 30% front, 20% rear (helps greatly with SoCal heat) -Wheel wells POR-15'd black. Interior Body: Interior was fully stripped to bare metal. Any random/failing electrical connections/wiring were repaired. Fatmat installed everywhere. Reflective backed fiberglass insulation everywhere on top of the fat mat. Original carpet/vinyl in excellent shape. The dash has cracks, and has a dash cover to protect from further damage. A modern sound system was installed with the best of the best. These speakers coupled with the insulation sound GREAT! Generic seats are surprisingly comfortable and supportive. Very quiet cabin with the insulation and OEM replaced door seals/window channels. Interior Body Needs: -Passenger door sill vinyl & cover plate installed (originals included in great shape). -Speakers wired to head unit amp (originally wired to an amp behind the driver's side, has since been removed). Easy job. -Driver's seat belt installed (original belt & hardware included). 10 minute install. -Passenger window difficult to lower the last 1/3rd of the way down. (Optional repair) Parts Replaced/Restored: -Modern MSA fuse box wired. -Rear hatch strut replaced, operates and holds with ease. -MSA Front "Z" Mats -Full Autometer gauges - all functioning - speedo/tach/boost/fuel/oil pressure/water temp - blue LED's all around. -Momo suede 'D' steering wheel & pedals -Greddy weighted shift knob -Custom black suede shift knob cover w/ orange stitching -Infinity Kappa 6.5" Component door speakers w/ 6x9" Kappa's in rear mounted in MSA speaker box w/ pioneer head unit. Over $650 of sound. -Honda blower fan upgrade. Fan blows STRONG. Vent controls are functional but require some effort to move. -New hatch/door seals all around. -Custom white LED's mounted in foot wells, switch by shift knob activates for actual lighting at night. -Generic seats installed and professionally (read: safely) mounted. Backs tilt and both seats slide forward/backward. Actually quite comfortable and supportive. Sparco lumbar pad on driver's side. -Heater control valve replaced. OEM. -MSA Center console/cup holder -OEM ignition lock cylinder replaced -Keyless entry. -MSA Dash mat. -Boost controller mounted where choke cable used to be. Suspension: F&R suspension was stripped, and all wear & tear items replaced. There is no squeaking from this suspension with the polyurethane bushings. The last alignment this car received also had the car corner balanced with 160-lb driver, receipt is included with all alignment specs. Car handles incredibly well but still has a very comfortable daily driver ride quality. Suspension Needs: -Nothing. Parts Replaced/Restored: -Camber/Caster & remainder of alignment performed while checking for no binding in suspension & corner balanced via coil-overs. -Full hyperflex polyurethane bushing installed everywhere F&R -Aftermarket Adjustable Caster Arms (forgot brand, view pics) -Coil overs all around w/ tokico struts -MSA camber plates -F&R Swaybars -New ball joints all around -Many suspension parts were POR-15's black when removed for a clean look/rust prevention. Engine/Drivetrain: Vildini motorsport installed red-top SR20DET w/ matching 5-speed transmission ($3500). Full rebuild recommended w/ dyno testing. I had a shop assess the oil burning when it first started, and they falsely diagnosed the turbo causing the problem, so the turbo has been fully restored ($850). Clutch replacement recommended. Transmission NEVER popped out of any gear. I always double clutched my downshifts. Shifts between 1 & 2 wasn't as smooth as the rest, syncros might be worth adjusting while the motor is out. An R200 LSD from a 300zx has been installed by our very own John Coffey at Betamotorsports when it was still open and also underwent a full restoration by a shop of John's choosing. New clutches and seals, bearings did not need replacement. LSD functions FANTASTICALLY. Lay power down with finesse or hold controlled drifts all day long, if that's your thing. John welded in a new steel frame for the front of the diff mount, so no stupid leather strap letting the diff bang around in the tunnel, and DIRECT power transfer. This by far made the greatest performance difference to the car. It really lays power down beautifully. The rear diff's gearing is a bit taller, so freeway cruising speeds are incredibly fuel efficiency (and quiet!), but this motor still has plenty of power to run through all the gears with a shit eating grin. A 3" mandrel bent straight pipe exhaust is surprisingly quiet under normal use (thank the turbo) but open up the throttle and rejoice in that sweet sweet sound. Engine/Drivetrain Needs: -Motor rebuilt (dyno testing recommended) -Clutch replaced List of parts restored/replaced: -Red top SR20DET -Factory turbo fully restored w/ less than 500 miles since restoration. -New exhaust manifold & turbo inlet gaskets -New Nismo thermostat for SR20det -New engine mounts used for engine swap. -New distributor? shipped from Japan -Tial blow-off valve -New intercooler, aluminum radiator, and oil cooler -Blitz boost controller (original manual included) -3" custom mandrel bent exhaust w/ 3" tip. -16" radiator fan -New wheel bearings in all four corners -Rota RB 16x7 wheels w/ Falken Azeni's 225/50/16. Always properly rotated all around. 30% life left. Brakes: For the front end, Toyota 4x4 conversion has been done with NEW (not rebuilt) calipers, vented rotors, SS brake lines, high performance expensive brake fluid, and some fancy brake pads I can't remember. For the rear, a 240sx rear disc brake conversion was performed with the e-brake properly connected. SS lines in the rear as well. Calipers F&R were painted silver with POR-15 caliper specific paint. 280zx master cylinder and new brake booster as well. Basically, every component of the brakes with the exception of the hard lines has been replaced. Brakes Need: Nothing Full List of Parts Replaced/Restored: -less than 2000 miles on Brake bleed w/ high performance fluid -Toyota 4x4 front calipers w/ vented rotors -Rear 240sx disc/caliper conversion w/ e-brake -Proportioning valve installed for F/R brake balancing -Calipers painted silver w/ por-15 F&R -New Brake Booster w/ booster pin properly adjusted -Correct 280zx Master Cylinder -New brake booster check valve Steering: Rack & pinion is held w/ polyurethane bushings. The steering has a bit of play from the steering wheel to the wheels. I purchased a low mileage steering rack that I never got around to installing, and will be including with the car. Tie rod ends have been replaced, and I have a spare set of OEM nissan tie rod ends as well for some reason that I will be including with the car. Steering Needs: Steering rack replaced w/ provided rack to remove play. Otherwise steering contain some play and is not a safety issue. Fuel: Walbro GSL392 Fuel pump w/ oversized high flow fuel filter. New OEM gas cap w/ rubber flap. When you fill the last 3rd of the fuel tank, gas odors linger around the car/cabin. Never troubleshooted this issue, I would just not fill the last 3rd of the tank. ------------------------- That is the best summary I can provide given the available receipts and my memory dating 8 years ago. I most definitely missed several upgrades/parts replaced that I just don't have a record of. I'm available for contact through phone, e-mail, even skype/facetime if you want a live feed of the car. I'm not in an immediate hurry to sell this car. I'll do you a favor and list the purchase price as $1000 on the transfer title to avoid hundreds in sales tax. EDIT: Only trades accepted are 88-91 Syncro Vanagons. 2wd's may be considered as well. Thanks! -Armand
  5. It was a good rant to shed some light onto my price tag. Now accepting offers for this.
  6. Because that's the cost of freight to ship to his shop. So yes, I did pick it up from his shop.
  7. Bought this 4 years ago from betamotorsports and it's been sitting in my garage ever since. Still in bubble wrap with original installation instructions, mounting plates, and hardware. Always stored indoors, new condition. I payed a total of $700 to get this with the very pricey freight charges that anyone would have to pay if they want this bar. S Local pick up only in Southern California. Bar is located in Santa Monica specifically. $650 takes it. Edit: Currently accepting offers though.

  9. Hey everyone, So we got these for sale: 1) *SOLD* PDK Fabrication Rear Strut Brace. *SOLD* 2)*SALE PENDING* Nismo 5-Point Harness. Was also in my car for a brief period of time, used for <500 miles, excellent condition all around. SFI Spec 16.1 approved. Will also throw in Nismo shoulder pads/cushions that gets rid of any neck/shoulder chafing. $60 shipped. $50 local pick-up. Pics: http://i52.tinypic.com/4t7c4w.jpg http://i55.tinypic.com/2v9fdy1.jpg http://i53.tinypic.com/2v0j4f5.jpg 3) Alpine MRP-f450 4-channel, 70w rms (@ 4 ohms) amplifier. Excellent working condition, very minor scratches on amp from mounting. Will fit perfectly behind the seat of an s30 chassis. Selling this for $140 shipped, $125 local pick-up. Read all the specs and 5 star reviews here, this is one excellent amp: http://www.crutchfield.com/S-B37xVSgMbcT/p_500MRPF450/Alpine-MRP-F450.html Pics: http://i52.tinypic.com/20ie7tl.jpg http://i53.tinypic.com/2h2gs38.jpg http://i51.tinypic.com/2eq73pj.jpg 4) Kenwood KSC-SW1 amplified sub box. This is a highly compact sub box, featuring 2 6" subs with an internal amp. Other than the good reviews and good sound, I got this because it fits in the s30's spare tire well perfectly. You quite literally don't need to use any screws, because the handle that holds down the spare tire will clamp this down perfectly. It's a very snug fit and it's almost like it's made for the s30's spare tire well. This will also fit under the passenger/driver seat of almost any car. Get all the specs and read the great reviews here: http://www.crutchfield.com/S-Pt85XAm8lM3/p_113KSCSW1/Kenwood-KSC-SW1.html?tab=review I will include the original cables and external controller that came with it as well. Asking $95 shipped, $75 for local pickup. Pics: http://i56.tinypic.com/xswtc.jpg Feel free to ask any questions any time, more than happy to help. Thanks for looking, have a good one. -Armand
  10. Lowering price by 10 once again, 215 local pick up 230 shipped. These things gotta go!
  11. Bump. Price reduced to $225 local pick up $240 shipped.
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