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  2. What adhesive did you use to lay it down?
  3. I like the fact your using the smallest wheels that clear your brakes. Trust me, it was a wise decision.
  4. You can't fit the front wheels with the center cap. You should have went with the +04 offset instead. If you are using 5mm+ spacers I would recommend longer studs. Check challenger's thread in this same forum titled "Will I need longer studs."
  5. Cool video. I'm loving the elevation changes on that track but man, no room for error in almost all of it.
  6. You can never go wrong with the original 918 orange, but it's pretty hard to go wrong with a nice metallic dark silver/gun metal with black accents. I'm partial to the 918 orange, cause my Z is orange.
  7. Wow, just wow. ..With no care to wear a helmet at that. He's got some square balls man.
  8. Why did it take so long? And why don't more companies do it?!
  9. lol he was in the passenger seat this time.
  10. Probably a 1988 Lancia Delta Integrale with a bigazz turbo and fully done suspension/chassis work. I would also love to purchase an Audi S8 when I have large disposable amounts of income as a daily driver. I think that is the ONLY luxury sedan I would purchase, just because of the sheer ballerness of it.
  11. I was VERY impressed with this red when I saw a Lexus IS350 at the dealership in this color. The picture does not do justice at all, and it's not as light of a red as it looks here. It's called Matador Red Mica.
  12. Drop them an e-mail. Prices can vary with every car/customer depending on exactly the way they want things to be done.
  13. 88beast I suggest you search what it exactly takes to get it installed. An entirely new crossmember must be fabricated and welded in along with modified tranny mounts as well. Like others said intercooler must be mounted/piped, exhaust, driveshaft shortened, and all the electrical wired up. As far as a tach the stock one will not work and you need a new tach. I would recommend getting an electric speedometer as well. Just contact Adrian at www.vildinimotorsport.com. They'll be able to do all the work for you if need be.
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