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  1. DamageVonDoom

    WTB: 2.5" exhaust pipe (MSA 15-6308)

    Not sure if you ever got what you needed but you should know that the mid pipe and curved pipe that you are wanting does not fit...like...at all. I am having to return the entire setup because those pipes are bent incorrectly and the flanges are welded on incorrectly. MSA told me outright that all their 2.5" kits use the same jig and they are all the same. This is why they are having me return the kit instead of just shipping out correct pipes. Just an FYI for you.
  2. Wanted to say hello and introduce myself. I'm Damage and I have a Z. My second actually. Had a '78 POS for a short while with wild dreams of restomoding. That never happened and life got in the way so I had to sell her. BUT...I recently picked up a '75 280z in pretty good shape and I wont quit on her this time. Lots to learn and lots to get done but I am glad to see such a strong community of support and hope to tap into the knowledge and passion shown here. I live in Albuquerque New Mexico. Heres to hoping she gets where she needs to be. Cheers -Damage