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  1. Looking for a rust free shell (240, 260, or 280. No zx and no +2) or one that has minor surface rust that can be sanded and painted. I'm not interested in an engine or interior, just a solid body. My location is southern Illinois I'm i'm willing to drive a few hours for pickup. I would prefer to pay using paypal as that is the account I dedicated to project car funds. I also have an 01 Lexus IS300 with a blown head gasket and some dents, I would be willing to trade. It was my wife's DD. It drove great up until a month ago when the HG blew. Text me at 8one5-751-7two61 or [email protected] Thanks, Ben Edwards
  2. 1977 280Z *PART OUT*

    I'm looking for sections of the car. My thread is here http://forums.hybridz.org/topic/117609-anyone-with-a-parts-car/
  3. Anyone with a parts car?

    Yeah. That's a lot. Do you think you could cut out the sections I have circled? I'm not in a rush so if you would prefer to wait to sell to see if someone wants the whole car, that's fine with me.
  4. Anyone with a parts car?

    How much to ship the hatch to 61021? Or are you willing to ship the body without the rear end?
  5. 1977 280Z *PART OUT*

    Where are you located
  6. Anyone with a parts car?

    Here's the damage. I've already got floor pans and there's a few more places that have flat sections that I think I can get away with just cutting sheet metal. On the passenger side, I need the corners circled in red. Both in front and rear of the door. I also need that round section circled in red cut to the bumper hole is fine. On the driver side, I need a mirror of the front and rear of the door circled in red. In the front of the car. I need the core support circled in red In the rear of the car I need the Deck lid support circled in red. I also need an entire Deck lid without and rust through holes. Don't need the glass or hinges just the lid itself. I've never actually done this, so If anyone has advice on what or how to go about this. I'm open to suggestions. Thanks, Ben
  7. Anyone with a parts car?

    Not sure if this is the correct section for this, but I was wondering if anyone had a parts car that they were cutting sections off of. I'm trying to find some sections to replace rusted parts in my car. My email is my username here @gmail if you'd prefer to email me. If this is the wrong section, Mods could you move it? Thanks, Ben
  8. Friend is still "Fixing" my car...

    I feel like this is going to be the most accurate. If I can get a hold of him, I'm going to tell him that I'll take it back in the state he's got it at and pay him for the work he's done. Then I'll try to find a local body shop to finish it for me.
  9. Friend is still "Fixing" my car...

    I got the car with engine for 300 and the gas for an hour and a half drive. For that price I was sure I'd be able to come out cheaper than buying it somewhere else. I didn't intend for it to turn out to be as much of a project as it did. You're probably right, I should have gone for a rust free shell, but I never even thought of that. I really just planned to drive it for a while the way it was, but the car turned out to be worse that I expected. I decided to rebuild the engine and run my MS3 I had sitting around for my other project. I knew my friend did bodywork, so I asked him to come look at the car. He said he'd be able to do it and gave me a list of materials he wanted me to get him. Also, he said he'd do it for only $200-$300 for labor. I don't know anything about bodywork, so when he tells me he'd have it done in (X) amount of time for (Y) amount of money, I believed him and based my expectations off of that. But now with all the info you are providing, I understand how It has the potential to take much longer.
  10. Friend is still "Fixing" my car...

    Here's one of the more recent pictures. http://i298.photobucket.com/albums/mm273/Shadowen925/Datsun%20280z/IMG_3804_zpsca4d4fd9.jpg And the floorboard that's giving him problems http://i298.photobucket.com/albums/mm273/Shadowen925/Datsun%20280z/IMG950099_zps70a01f56.jpg http://i298.photobucket.com/albums/mm273/Shadowen925/Datsun%20280z/IMG955080_zps3afe0cc4.jpg Battery tray http://i298.photobucket.com/albums/mm273/Shadowen925/Datsun%20280z/IMG957634_zpsf58658d9.jpg
  11. Friend is still "Fixing" my car...

    He lives with his parents, And I have received some pictures of progress over the course of the time he's had it. The plan was to get the car in solid shape by removing the rust and fixing the holes. Then he was going to prime and paint the car. I've not purchased the paint yet. We'll be painting in my Garage when we get to that step. The garage is insulated and I've got plastic we will be stapling to the ceiling to make a booth of sorts. I'm not too picky on how it looks now as long as he can make the car solid so it will last a few years till I can put some serious money into it.
  12. Friend is still "Fixing" my car...

    lol, yeah I thought of that. I'd love to help and learn, but It's hard to plan if I cant get ahold of him.
  13. Friend is still "Fixing" my car...

    I wish I could do bodywork. I don't even pretend to know how to. Anyway, I understand that it takes time, but he's currently unemployed and told me he needed the cash so he'd make it a full time job. It just bothers me with the communication. And as for me not knowing anything about bodywork, I'm not sure how much materials he's going to have left. He quit his job to try to start working out of his garage doing projects like this. I bought him sub $700 in materials like sanding disks, cutoff disks, bondo, panel bond, and a couple specialty tools. Still, I know It's not a lot considering the work he's doing for me. Thanks for the replys.
  14. (Sorry, this turned into more of a rant than I intended) My Z was in pretty poor shape and I figured I'd let my friend do the bodywork to save me some money. He has worked in body shops and knows what he's doing. The deal was I'd get him the car and buy all the materials in bulk for him to work with. Then, he would only charge me a couple hundred for the complete overhaul and keep the extra materials for payment. Well, tomorrow he has had the car for 3 months. It did need some serious work due to rust, but I'm having a hard time getting ahold of him. Won't reply to texts or answer calls. He has made some progress and sent me pictures, but the last time I talked to him was Monday. He told me we should be getting close to getting it in primer. I'm usually not the kind of guy that demands things of people, but this feels a bit unreasonable. What should I do?
  15. Possible fog light option: Thoughts?

    Any update on this thread, I'm interested in the outcome as well as the info on the projector's you're running for the headlights.