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  1. LanceVance

    Stolen 240z?

    I'm hoping someone contacted law enforcement, and provided a location and VIN? Easy enough to track down the owner if it was reported stolen. Looks like it hasn't been stripped much, so probably not a total loss.
  2. LanceVance

    '78 280Z Fast Idle Actuator

    Shouldn't be too difficult to add this bracket to the carb linkage arm, and then mount the FIA. ...But where would you pull vacuum?
  3. LanceVance

    '78 280Z Fast Idle Actuator

    Couldn't find a way to attach photos to a PM, so here will have to work. I'll pack up the clean(er) one for you and get that quote tomorrow. ...If anybody needs the second one, let me know.
  4. LanceVance

    '78 280Z Fast Idle Actuator

    I've got 1 or 2 in the spare parts bins. Shoot me a PM with your address and I'll get you shipped price.
  5. LanceVance

    240Z Horn Button Refab

    Phar, you've got a PM.
  6. LanceVance

    HID housing recommendation?

    This. Sounds like you've got something specific in mind that you didn't mention in your first post. Kind of hard to help if we don't know what you're after...
  7. LanceVance

    HID housing recommendation?

    Dapper lighting seems to be the gold standard.
  8. LanceVance

    where to get OEM parts

    +1 for Riley on Facebook. Datsun Parts and Needs (DPAN) is a great group for sourcing parts, be it used, NOS, aftermarket, etc...
  9. LanceVance

    Drilled for cooling

    S30kid. He's on HybridZ, but doesn't seem terribly active. He's got a VQ in his Z now, but you might PM here or on Instagram to see if he has any observations to share from his time with the L.
  10. LanceVance

    LD28 parts wanted in NZ

    Majority of members of HybridZ are going to be in the US, but NZ seems to have a good supply of LD motors/parts on TradeMe. I've actually bought parts from NZ that I had no luck finding in the states...
  11. LanceVance

    280Z 1981-1983 EGR TUBE

    Might have one on the spare engine, I'll check it's condition tomorrow.
  12. LanceVance

    WTB CAM core

    I've got a spare L28 that I can crack open for you this weekend. Should be in good shape, was running a few months ago.
  13. LanceVance

    Back in the Datsun business!

    Welcome back! Lots of traffic has moved to Facebook groups, particularly the buying/selling parts aspect. The forum is better off, lots of toolshed content is being caught up there, and once people get here they've already done some reading. Photobucket also broke a lot of build logs... that didn't help.
  14. LanceVance

    Looking For S30 Whale Tail

    Not sure if he still has it, but I forwarded your contact info to a guy who had one for sale locally. Good luck with the search.
  15. LanceVance

    Oil Filter Pressure Relief Valve Plugged?

    Many oil filters have a bypass built in. Not all, so determining whether yours does or not falls to you. The factory L28et oil cooler has a bypass built in. I believe the block bypass is plugged in these applications, but I'm not absolutely sure. Perhaps this is what you have?