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  1. Wtb: bolt in roll bar

    Model: 280z Roll bar type: preferably just a four point bolt in Location: I'm in SoCal 92683, so if you're not, please let me know if you're willing to ship. Thanks -Andy
  2. WTB: fuel dampener

    Looking for one for a 280z I'm sure they are all the same though, mine was leaking so I deleted it, but hate the increased fuel vibration noise in the cabin. In located in 92683 ca for shipping purposes, thanks!
  3. Wtb: 280zx rear calipers

    Looking for parts to upgrade my 280z rear drums, with or without rotors is fine, I'm in 92683 ca for shipping purposes. Thanks
  4. WTB: emblems

    Emailed, thanks
  5. WTB: emblems

    Send me a pic? If it's easier to my email [email protected], appreciate it.
  6. WTB: emblems

    Yea but the prices are kinda steep in eBay for them.
  7. WTB: emblems

    Looking for hood and hatch "Datsun" emblem as well as 280z for rear hatch, if you have extras please let me know, I'm in 92683 ca for shipping purposes. Thanks
  8. If you have an extra one please let me know, preferably stock or Bosch unit, 92683, Ca for shipping purposes thanks.
  9. Fuel pressure regulator question

    I see, good to know its not just me, well I know it's supposed to hold because my stock fpr will intermittently hold pressure sometimes and will be 20psi for a couple of days, before it completely went out ,but I can't get any of these aftermarket ones to hold for even an hour, which I found to be weird. I need to fix it because I want to see if this helps my heat soak issues once resolved.
  10. Car is 77 280z So I've been looking into why my fuel pressure drops to 0 after shut down relatively fast from almost instantly to about 30 minuets. After some testing I found that sometimes the stock fpr was stuck open and let the gas bypass into the return and sometimes it would drip slowly taking a bit longer, but ultimately to 0. So I have tried two stock replacements one from autozone and one from Napa, they both let the gas bleed through after shutdown, I know because I removed the return line and used a clear line for the testing, I would prime the fuel pump to build pressure and it will go to 0 in about 15 minuets and I can see the line with gas in it. My question is, are the aftermarket stock replacement ones not supposed to hold pressure at least overnight? My cold start injector and injectors do not leak I have pulled them to observe during the leak down, my fuel pump is new and I have an inline check valve. Thanks! Other than that it runs great, about 30 idle, 40with th vac unplugged.
  11. Looking for trunk hatch lock with key!

    Lol no that's good info, I tried to rekey the lock myself and ended up loosing some of the pieces so now I have to get another one.
  12. It for a 280z, if you have the trunk lock with key please let me know, I'm in 92683 ca for shipping purposes, thanks!
  13. Wtb: injector cooling fan

    Looking for the whole assembly if possible with the duct and blower from a zx, thanks I'm in 92683, ca for shipping purposes.
  14. wtb: Idler pulley assembly

    In need of one of these, I broke mine removing the nut on the pulley to remove the AC belt. Thanks http://i883.photobucket.com/albums/ac38/andytran041/datsunpart_zpsb354ff19.jpg
  15. Greetings just, I just got a new set of replacement tie rod ends for a 77 280 from rock auto, when they arrived I measured them against the old ones and they are the same measurements, but the problem is that the one that matches the left one will only fit on the right side and one that matches the right one will only fit on the left. Is that normal or should I send them back? Thanks