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  1. My first 72 240Z was a father and son project. It was an old SBC v8 conversion that was badly done. There were so many conversion/mechanical/electrical issues with the car that we pulled it completely apart. It was worth the effort though. So I bought another 72 240Z and did the V8 conversion. The car had a severe vibration around 70mph. I ended up pulling the drive shaft and took it to a different shop. The shop discovered that the previous shop had welded the shaft off-axis after they cut it. The shop re-cut/welded and balanced the shaft. No more vibration. The JTR manual is not perfect. Over the years I have found mistakes in the manual, but is does get you off to a good start. Glad you found the vibration. A drive line vibration can make it impossible to enjoy a z car. Mine is down due to a carb (Holley) issue and a leaking 240sx rear caliper. Got ten years out of that caliper (Nugeon)
  2. Do you have the JTR Datsun V8 conversion manual? It covers all of the issues you are having.
  3. TechnoToy Tuning is now selling their Micro Big Rear Bake kit. It includes a parking brake function and will fit under most 14 inch wheels. Has anyone purchased the kit? https://technotoytuning.com/nissan/260z/240260280z-micro-rear-big-brake-kit
  4. Why do you need to change out the pivot? Why are you using a 1 inch clutch MC? I have used T5 transmissions on two 240z SBC swaps. Stock Camaro clutch MCs were used on both cars. The pivots looked a bit worn, but since they were NLA I just kept them. No problems in 20 years.
  5. Some members just gutted the stock PV. Don't know how effective it was though.
  6. Does not make sense. If high front bias a PV on the rear would make it worse
  7. I have this set up on my 72 240Z. The front to rear bias is 60% front and 40% rear. A proportioning valve reduces pressure which would make your rear brakes less effective. You absolutely do not need a proportioning valve. So don't install a proportioning valve. My set up includes a 15/16 in 280ZX MC and a 280Z 9 in. dia. booster. Pads are Carbotech AX6. Car is daily driver. Stops like a stock car.
  8. Did you put a crush washer under the fitting that connects to the caliper? That may be all you need to do. See picture. 79- 81 280ZX https://www.ebay.com/itm/Goodridge-USA-22070-G-STOP-SS-Braided-Brake-Line-Kit-Fits-79-81-280ZX/202871361712?fits=Model%3A280ZX|Make%3ADatsun&epid=1660785743&hash=item2f3c1350b0:g:1Z0AAOSwXk1eE0OZ
  9. Most of the vendors that sell rear upgrade kits also sell the hoses. Google 240z rear brake upgrade etc https://zcardepot.com/products/rear-disc-brake-hose-braided-stainless-steel-240z-260z-280z?variant=19280846356593# https://www.thezstore.com/page/TZS/PROD/classic21m/24-5581 https://zcardepot.com/products/rear-disc-brake-conversion-kit-240z-260z-280z# https://www.californiadatsun.com/brakes/brake-hoses/
  10. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ WARNING I recommend that you have an experienced mechanic work with you or do the installation. You can kill yourself or others! _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ A caliper that is machined for a banjo fitting and will leak if you screw a regular brake line into it. A banjo fitting is sealed by crush washers. Other brake lines have flared fittings that seal mechanically when mated. You are not plumbing a sink. Never, ever, seal brake lines with any kind of sealant. When properly installed, brake lines seal mechanically. Replace the line you bought with one that has a banjo fitting on the end that connects to the caliper. Be sure to use fresh crush washers under the banjo fitting each time you remove the hose. You can buy the crush washers at any auto parts store. They are either aluminum or copper. If you have drained all of the fluid out of the system and the MC, you will have to remove the MC and bench bleed it. Do a search for instructions. People have trouble bleeding the 280ZX/240SX style calipers. You can remove the caliper, block the pistons from moving, orient the bleeder straight up and also shake the caliper while bleeding the lines and calipers to get all of the air out. Note : if you forget to block the pistons, they will blow out when your helper steps on the pedal and you will be very very very sad. Be safe!
  11. The purpose of the Shed was to keep bad information from appearing when searching Hybridz. Did somebody get their feelings hurt?
  12. What happened to the shed where junk posts went to avoid filling the site with garbage?
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