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  1. My kit from Modern Motor Sports (out of business) used 240sx calipers and 1984 non-turbo 300zx rotors.
  2. If the SU carb has an air leak, it will create a lean condition for which no amount of tuning will correct. The problem with the SU carburetors is that the throttle shaft becomes worn and allows air to seep past the shaft and into the carb causing a lean condition. You can try contacting ZTherapy who specializes in SU carbs and parts. Also they sell a video called "Just SUs" it explains how to repair and tune the SU carb. Just SUs video covers: 4 hrs of advanced college level theory of operation, diagnostics, tuning, surgical Weber removing and disposal. Covers all years of Japanese Hitachi "SU" and 1.6L-2.0 Volvo HS6 1 3/4" SU (HS4, HS2 same). Our newest video, 4 years in the making. Directly replaces the first 1.5 hrs of ZTV01. Heavily updates and corrects info from ZTV01. Part one is inspecting and installing new ZT carbs and "Tuning for Dummies". Part two is "Installing and Tuning a ZT Master Tuneup Kit for Dummies". Balance of tape is answering common questions, racer tech and mods, airflow studies, horns, cold air box, etc. We address the Q+A sessions from the 2000 MSA and LSV shows-I worked hard to answer your questions on this video. If this does not answer every issue you ever had about the mighty SU, call me! If you still don't get a satisfactory answer, demand your money back!!! Ships free with new ZT carbs and the ZT MasterTuneUp kits. Available in single play mode on two 2 hr SP tapes for $20 or on one single EP mode tape for $15 (lower video quality). DVD available for $25 https://www.ztherapy.com/
  3. The best performing pads that I have tried on my SBC 350 240z. I have tried all of the Porterfield, Hawk etc pads and they suck in comparison. My brake setup: Carbotech Ax6 pads work really well with this setup. Front: 1979 Toyota 4x4 pickup calipers for solid rotors. Direct bolt on. Rear: 1989 240sx rear calipers 1979 280zx 15/16 in. master cylinder 1978 280z 9 inch booster. Notes about Ax6 pads: Excellent cold bite which is great for a daily driver. Dusty at first, but I don't care. Stopping performance is what is important. No sign of fading!!! No noise Buy direct from Carbotech. Carbotech staff is helpful and courteous.
  4. It is most likely the headlight combo switch: https://www.zcar.com/threads/headlight-combination-switch-repair.311982/
  5. American Racing Ansen Sprint wheels 15" 4 x 4.5 bolt pattern https://www.americanracingequipment.ca/product/wheels/vn69-ansen-sprint/ Check with American Racing to see if they are still available. I bought mine at Summit Racing, but they are out of stock. Shop around. My z pictured
  6. Hybrid search sucks. Copy and paste into Google search: EZ wiring kit install 240z site:forums.hybridz.org
  7. Milesz I responded to your message before seeing this post. I recall members posting how to install the EZ wiring kit with instructions on how to, for example, connect to the TS/headlight combo switch etc.
  8. Profile now says I am an "Apprentice" but I have over 2000 posts. A few hours ago it said that I am a Newbie. I have over 2000 posts. So not a newbie. I could not respond to any posts.
  9. I have over 2000 posts. So not a newbie. I could not respond to any posts.
  10. I have over 2000 posts. So not a newbie. I could not respond to any posts.
  11. I have over 2000 posts. So not a newbie. I could not respond to any posts.
  12. Log in says I am a Newbie but have been here since July 28, 2001 and I cant respond to posts
  13. Walkerbk: Please post If you are able come up with a fix. I ended up removing my brake switch and using a three-way connector to connect the two two front brake lines.
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