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  1. Dan: I just now clicked on your username and immediately got the 500 message.
  2. Thank you Dan for fixing the "500 internal server error". It would appear every time I clicked on the Hybridz link on my phone or on my desktop PC.
  3. Test done with PCV valve disconnected and hose plugged. Also, replaced PCV valve. Thanks
  4. SBC 350 crate engine with mild cam, Holley Street Avenger carburetor (575 cfm), MSD Street Fire HEI distributor and wires, mild cam, new plugs gapped at .45. No vacuum leaks found. Engine installed in a 72 240z in 2009. Engine ran perfect for over ten years, but started surging at low speed cruise recently. Blocked all vacuum ports and connected vac. gauge to manifold vacuum on carburetor. Reading taken at warm idle. In the video the engine can be heard speeding up and slowing down (surging) as needle moves on the vac. gauge. Other: adjusting idle screws has no effect.
  5. See picture. Red circles indicate components that could contribute to the problem you are experiencing. Note that these cars are about 50 years old and we can expect that the suspension bushings, springs and shocks will need to be replaced. Check that the mounting holes in the differential carrier bar (mustache bar) have not been hogged out. Check the torque on all mounting bolts/nuts. Suggest that you replace all of the old rubber bushings with polyurethane bushings on both the front and rear suspension. Also, replace the rubber front differential mount with a so
  6. I bought the Modern Motor Sports 240SX rear disk conversion about 15 years ago. I didn't like the placement of the brake lines or the how the parking brake cable attached to the caliper. Relocated the brake lines and converted them to -3 AN lines using metric to AN adaptors Made one long hard line to go from the T connector to the driver side. Cut the hard line mounting tabs off. Made a hybrid parking cable bracket by cutting off the 240SX cable attachment and welding the 240z cable attachment in its' place. See pictures
  7. I'll go to Tognotti's in Sacramento and pay about $50 more than Summit.
  8. I buy a lot of parts from Summit Racing. For the first time they will not ship a Holley Street Avenger 80570 carburetor due to California rules. California Air Resources Board won't allow the carburetor to be shipped. I can get the carb locally, but it costs about $50 dollars more.
  9. But the coils are collapsed and touching with the car just sitting! Can't imagine that they offer any resistance at all when the car is moving dynamically over dips and bumps or when cornering.
  10. As I expected the top (soft) section of progressive springs collapse as soon as the car is on the ground. The collapsed section of the springs is doing nothing. This is why I rejected those springs on my first V8 240Z built 20 years ago. I used non-progressive springs rated at 180 lb/in front and 280 lb/in rear. My car is at stock ride height and is a very comfortable daily driver. MSA should be ashamed to still be selling those progressive springs. You can find springs for you car, but it will take some homework on your part. Note: stiffer springs can be shorter th
  11. Examine the gaps between the coils on the front and rear springs. What do you see?
  12. Buy this book: "How to Restore Your Datsun Z Car" by Wick Humble Try Amazon for source. The book has detailed instructions on how to disassemble, repair and reassemble the steering column and everything else on a Z car!
  13. https://www.kamikazeracing.org/dl/ZTech/Rebuild_240Z_combo_switch.pdf
  14. The switch has been NLA for years and the piston inside was frozen. So I replaced the brake switch on my 72 240z with a three way connector. See picture.
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