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  1. The switch has been NLA for years and the piston inside was frozen. So I replaced the brake switch on my 72 240z with a three way connector. See picture.
  2. The shaft on my driver's side lock is warn down too far.
  3. New floor mounted dimmer switches for vintage cars are available from several sources.
  4. Old school floor mounted dimmer switch:
  5. I have the same problem. Please post if you come up with a fix.
  6. Your cap may be threaded like the attached picture. Apply heat around the outside and unscrew the cap with channel lock pliers? Propane torch would do it.
  7. Your new MC will have the part you now need. So problem will go away. The threaded part of the "plug" has a standard thread. The part you are asking about is interchangeable for the the 240Z, 260, 280Z and up to the 1979 280ZX. Parts wanted: What you want to buy is an old 240Z, 260Z or 280z MC which will give you two plugs and cones.
  8. The 240z uses a tandem MC. It doesn't make any difference which line goes where. As far as the tanks go, the front circuit has a larger tank. Just switch position of the tanks.
  9. This is interesting. Please remove the thermostat, take the car for a drive and report back what the temperature is.
  10. Too cold? Remove thermostat and install a flow restrictor. Try Moroso flow restrictor. Start with the mid size (blue) restrictor. Install a thermal switch that turns on fan at a higher temperature. Or turn your fan off with a switch. With the components I listed in my earlier post, once my engine temp a reaches steady state of 185 deg (center of temp gauge) on cold 65 deg days or hot 110 deg days the needle just stays dead center. You just need to tweak things a bit.
  11. SBC 350 carbed 240z Arizona Z Car aluminum radiator + shroud + 3000 cfm Volvo fan + 185 Degrees On/170 off thermal switch + 70 amp fan relay + no thermostat = 185 deg indicated temperature during long idles in California central valley heat (100 to 110 deg). Volvo fan is two speed, but is wired to run on high speed at all times. Other: high volume water pump Works. 185 deg all day
  12. This is the cooling system I came up with for my SBC 350 240z. It keeps the temp gauge exactly centered (approx 185 deg F) on hot (109 deg) California days even during long stops. The shroud plus the Volvo fan did the trick.
  13. Buy this book it will save you hours and hours researching 240z restoration issues. How to Restore Your Datsun Z-Car: How to Restore Datsun 240Z, 260Z and 280Z by Wick Humble https://www.amazon.com/How-Restore-Your-Datsun-Z-Car/dp/1931128022
  14. https://zcarsource.com/door-rod-outside-handle-240z-260z-280z
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