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  1. karljsw

    1975 280z Part Out, bushings, and more

    How much for the brake and clutch pedals?
  2. Is Pat still making these? I cannot send him a PM says he cannot receive messages
  3. Im interested in a RWD rb26 pan for a 72 240z
  4. karljsw

    S30 JPN Garage BC Coilovers

    Anyone got a phone number for jpn garage?
  5. Anyone got a phone number for jpn garage? Need to contact him/them because they don't reply to emails..
  6. karljsw

    JPN Garage

    Anyone got a phone number for this company? Guys mucking me round not responding to emails. So I want to give him a call and see what's up. Been 4 weeks and no responses
  7. Hi Guys, I'm in need of a good functioning hatch lock and key for a 240z, 260z or 280z The one I have is completely rusted solid and looks to have been attacked by a screwdriver at some stage. Cheers Karl
  8. Pm'd Rear License Holder
  9. karljsw

    WTB: Door card for 1972 240z

    Hi, Curious if anyone has any door cards for a 72 240z, dont have to be perfect but would prefer solid e.g. not flimsy at the bottom Cheers Karl
  10. karljsw

    240z rails Found please close thread

    They are slightly different in design so won't fit, but thank you for the offer. Have Found a pair, please close the thread
  11. karljsw

    240z rails Found please close thread

    I'll flick you a Pm with my email for pics
  12. Hello, I'm in need of some 240z seat rails. I need both sides Thanks Karl