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  1. Hey guys, Need some info. I bought the silvermine dyna lite brake kit. the adapters that came with it are about 1.25mm off. When installed the calipers are not centered and cant be shimmed. only way to fix is take material off. does anyone have the ability to measure a set that for sure works on a 240z strut with 280z hubs?
  2. Nope just that one. There were some clips in just about everyone of the wildcard episodes. Look up unnatural aspiration on facebook. Videos posted there.
  3. Anyone interested in this setup its for sale.
  4. DAMN>>>>> Back from the dead. Anyone interested in buying this setup? Comes with new inserts. Calipers probably should be rebuild. These struts can use the big z32 brakes.
  5. Looking for ball joints for that old AZC control arms. Anyone know which ones these are ?
  6. The title to this thread is funny. It pretty much recaps just about every drag racer out there. I remeber when "all I wanted was a 10 sec slip". Now I'm doing thing to reach my goal of 7 sec slip hahha
  7. Actual road, closed, money was real, fights were real and shit talking was fierce and not scripted.
  8. Some of you disowned me for going LS and I understand to an extent.... but if you have followed my build over the years the LS version made it on street outlaws. Check it out. Full episode airs next week on discovery
  9. About the 36 min mark is our grudge race and team intro.
  10. Well I'm in the utah vs iowa. This episode will air in a while. I was only in the team intro towards the end of the episode.
  11. Well not really famous... had opportunity to race on street outlaws.
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