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  1. My F20C Swapped Zcar Build Thread

    Life happened! I've still got the car, and make small progress every once in a while. I do think I'm going to start having a significant amount of time available to start working on this again in the fall. Sorry to have such a letdown of a build thread thus far!
  2. To buy or not to buy?

    What was not complete about the paint job? I'm guessing engine bay, interior and jambs still black?
  3. To buy or not to buy?

    So how was the car? I notice the price was dropped to $5200 this morning...
  4. Who is going to SEMA 2014 ?

    It's really, super super easy to get into SEMA... "credentials" are a joke. If you know anyone, and I mean anyone with a car related business (even like a lube shop) just have them apply with you as the Janitor or something and you're in. Or go the media route and say you're taking pictures for hybridZ. I think I was even a "fluffer" for some shop one year. It's not nearly as exclusive as they want you to think...
  5. To buy or not to buy?

    I have seen this one on craigslist (i'm in the seattle area) for almost 3 weeks now... makes me wonder what's wrong with it?
  6. A head/cam LS1 is easily able to obtain 10's in a lightweight car. I was well into the 10.8's with this setup in my 2,900lb LS1 powered FD RX7. Not sure how easy it is to get a 240z to hook up in comparison, but it is very doable power-wise to do with an N/A LS1
  7. Who is going to SEMA 2014 ?

    I'll be there... this will be my 3rd time at sema. I have put myself on the "every other year" schedue: 2010, 2012 and now 2014
  8. My F20C Swapped Zcar Build Thread

    Wow... thanks for the advice. I will make sure to align it with the diff rather than centering it in the engine bay!
  9. Torsional Rigidity Testing, 280Z

    Wow, this thread is impressive...
  10. My F20C Swapped Zcar Build Thread

    Yeah, you are right, the weight will be significantly further back which will be a nice little bonus for sure. It seems as if it will have no problem fitting completely behind the stock engine subframe and clear the tunnel with no problem. The plan for my "phase 1" is to just run it N/A; but once I get that phase completed I will start thinking about boost; I think that a supercharger package will fit very similarly to S2000 kits, but I would much prefer a nice little Precision 30mm turbo for a nice little boost in power.
  11. My F20C Swapped Zcar Build Thread

    Well that would be a bit dissapointing if there was only 30-40lbs difference... I suppose the 6 speed vs. 4 speed is going to bring the weights of the two full pullouts a lot closer
  12. My F20C Swapped Zcar Build Thread

    Yes, I too think it might be the best N/A 4cyl out of the box. I do think just from the inntial reactions from people outside this community that it is a little frowned upon to be putting 4cyl where 6cyl belongs and a Honda engine instead of a Nissan/Datsun, but I guess it is different and for me this project is all about the driveability and fun factor and you just cant beat that butter-smooth 6 speed and 9K redline when it comes to the F20C.
  13. My F20C Swapped Zcar Build Thread

    Thanks for the pictures... very helpful. I think that the F20C mounts are about 1-2" further forward than SR's from what I have seen in pictures; tough to say for sure because it could also depend on how close you run the either engine to the firewall. I may just end up doing the cradle setup, but I would like to try the bridge mount design for fun, I have a lot of manufacturing capabilities thanks to the place where I work (3D CAD, Laser, press brake, etc.). I am very excited to get the engine and transmission all mounted up; that will be a great milestone in the project.
  14. My F20C Swapped Zcar Build Thread

    Well, Z2K it is... though I would really doubt he would care if I called it a Z2000 haha
  15. My F20C Swapped Zcar Build Thread

    Haha, probably Datsun Z2000 or Z2K