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  1. 200zr rb20 clutch?

    Anyone know what clutch I can use for a 200zr rb20det 5speed? Can't seem to find anything. Thanks
  2. S30 parts FS

    Mods, please lock this thread, it's super old and I'm sure I got rid of most of this locally.
  3. S30 parts FS

    I forgot I gave the grill to my buddy. And I looked high and low and can't find the side markers. Sorry.
  4. HEI tach hook up questions

    No one? Any input would be great.
  5. HEI tach hook up questions

    Hey, I have a 260 with an l28 with HEI module. Car runs beautiful but I can't figure out where to hook up the tach. I have an aftermarket tach that would normally just hook up to coil - but that does not work now ever since I went HEI. I tried putting a resistor and still nothing. Anyone have any ideas? That would be great.
  6. S30 parts FS

    Pretty sure I got the grill still and the side markers, gotta find them. I'll le you know today or tomorrow. Heater wa sold already.
  7. S30 parts FS

    Sorry for the late response, whole heater box was sold locally.
  8. S30 parts FS

    Nope, only what's listed.
  9. S30 parts FS

    Fan motor and heater box sold!
  10. S30 parts FS

  11. S30 parts FS

  12. Garage sale 1983 280ZX and other Z parts-2

    Just got the seat harness, smooth transaction and quick shipping. Very pleased! Free bump!
  13. S30 parts FS

    Wiper Linkage SOLD!
  14. S30 parts FS

    PM sent on Wiper linkage. Thanks HI OFECR! Glad you liked them.
  15. S30 parts FS