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  1. For Sale

  2. Parting out 1982 Nissan 280ZX, it is a complete. Let me know what your interested in, the only things not for sale are rear diff, transmission and axle shafts. Shipping will be from Idaho, 83347 Items available include: -Engine: F54 Block with a P79 head $200 Local Pickup only -Wiring Harness: -New Air Flow Meter: 80$ -interior gauges: 30$ -Fuel tank: 50$ -Rims: 100$ -Rear disc Brakes: 80$ -Drive Shaft: 50$ -Trim pieces: Varies Let me know what you want and I'll take a better picture of it, also if you want something that is not listed email me and I'll get you a price and picture. email me at [email protected] Thanks Sorry for the poor pictures I'll try and take some better ones tonight
  3. 280zx

    Selling Parts
  4. S30 Shell Wanted in NJ

    How far are you willing to ship? I often come across decent shells in Idaho and have my eyeballs on one right now.
  5. Do you still have one of the mustache bars available? If so are you sure it's for a R200? (I've already been burned once buying a supposed R200 bar, this is why I have to ask)
  6. parting out 1977 280z 2+2

    Do you have the Mustache bar and drive line?