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  1. 73Fairlady's 240z Build *heavy pics*

    I believe it's a year or so old now, but it is newer. I never really liked the secondary ebrake caliper either. They clear 15"s but it's a tight fit, no interference.
  2. 73Fairlady's 240z Build *heavy pics*

    Few updates, my Zstory exhaust came in along with the Y pipe. Ill have to modify the Y pipe. Also, sold my rear disc conversion and got the T3 rear wildwood with ebrake function.
  3. 73Fairlady's 240z Build *heavy pics*

    I also got some more T3 goodies, sway bar and rear dog legs.... these things are crazy beefy!
  4. 73Fairlady's 240z Build *heavy pics*

    Im not sure if the factory belts will work, as I have never had them in this car as long as I have owned it.
  5. 73Fairlady's 240z Build *heavy pics*

    I haven't had much time to work on it as life has gotten in the way, I got married among other things this winter. But I am starting to get back to it, I will try and update from my last post to where im at how. I have been stock pilling some parts.
  6. 73Fairlady's 240z Build *heavy pics*

    so i got the dash completely finished and assembled, I think it came out pretty well. Also made some custom hard lines for the summit heater, I pushed it as far forward on the tunnel as possible so i couldn't get the hoses connected.
  7. 73Fairlady's 240z Build *heavy pics*

    Did some work over the weekend. worked on the fuel cell and rear floor area some and built the mounts for the seats, now just to attach them to the car. Also got the heater panel most of the way done, still have to get different mounting bolts and finish up some small details.
  8. 73Fairlady's 240z Build *heavy pics*

    this came yesterday! more parts starting to roll in. Also got the material for the seat mounts and fuel cell cage ordered and some of my fuel system stuff will be here this week.
  9. 73Fairlady's 240z Build *heavy pics*

  10. 73Fairlady's 240z Build *heavy pics*

    I also got some new parts in, T3 drop mounts and dog bone, and this sweet cup holder! yes a cup holder in a z! I have more parts on the way, will update more when they get here and I get the dash assembled.
  11. 73Fairlady's 240z Build *heavy pics*

    so made some progress over the weekend, finally worked on the dash again after months of it sitting half done in the garage. Used SEM texture and SEM trim black top coat, came out pretty good. Not perfect by any means but good.
  12. 73Fairlady's 240z Build *heavy pics*

    Its coming... Been working on a lot of other things lately, but i have gotten small bits done here and there. I have some parts coming in soon and should be getting back into it. Need to get welding up the seat brackets and fuel cell stuff in the back, then on to fuel lines and wiring. ill have some pictures of new parts and progress in the next week or two.
  13. 73Fairlady's 240z Build *heavy pics*

    The little stuff is the worst! and I really don't want to know what i spent on this thing, as long as I know I didn't cut corners and it is how I want it, the $ is whatever, so I just don't keep track. on the dash I'm actually using a printable undercoat type stuff, I don't remember which stuff of the top of my head. I was looking through random dash threads and I came across it and they had good results. It is more flexible, durable and less prone to cracking.
  14. 73Fairlady's 240z Build *heavy pics*

    Thank you! I didn't want to cut any corners with this car so im trying to take my time and do it right. Yes! its the same one MSA sells except cheaper
  15. 73Fairlady's 240z Build *heavy pics*

    Here are some closer up pictures of the gauge mounts. really simple, i saw a guy from Australia did a write up on another forum and I used what he did. The gauges fit pretty snug but i added a little RTV just to make sure they didn't fall out.